Photo Friday: Beaches

Last week was Rodeo Break here in Tucson and that meant an opportunity to get away for a long weekend. This year we headed to the beach in California. We stayed at a Navy RV park and spent the first day at Dog Beach and our last day at Seal Beach. In between we went to Knott’s Berry Farm. I’ll share those photos next week. But for today, hello Pacific Ocean!

E and Sherlock enjoying the beach.
Pier at Seal Beach

No rain on us but it did look ominous.

Keep Your Focus!

Flash Fiction: Sugar Report

When I write my Carrot Ranch 99 word flash fiction entries my first draft is usually a little over on word count. I have found it is typically easier to edit down then to try and add. But this week I ended spot on 99 words and decided not to mess with it!

Valentine’s Day at School

“So, how was school today?” I ask as my son bounces around in the back seat.  “Good,” he says, which is his typical response.

“Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?”  “Well, in advisory we got Hershey Kisses and in Latin Mr. C gave us donuts. Oh and Mrs. P handed out Smarties.”  “Oh, really? “What about lunch, anything special?” “We got ice cream sandwiches, the Neapolitan kind.”  “Great,” I replied with a sigh, regretting the chocolate cake I had baked for dessert. 

“So what’s for snack?” my son asked, oblivious to the impact of his sugar report.

My son did get a few treats at school on Valentine’s Day, a brownie and two mini candy bars are the ones he told me about. I suppose it is best if I don’t know if there was more.

Hello There!

I feel like I haven’t written a real blog post in forever! What has been going on? Well, my son’s First Lego League team went to the State tournament so as the Parent- Mentor I was busy getting them ready. For the first time they won an award, “Most Innovative Solution”. My son has been in the league three years and has gone to the state level every year but this was the first time they won an award at either the regional or state level, so kind of a big deal.

Then I got sick, of course, after spending so much time around germ carrying kids. So no photo Fridays as I haven’t felt much like hiking.

We got the exterior of the house painted and had gutters and rain barrels installed. No, I didn’t have to do the work myself but I had to make decisions and pick colors and write checks and deal with the workers.

Then my son had bowling and he entered the city tournament which means he had to bowl three games on Saturday in the team event and six games on Sunday for singles and doubles. He bowled decent but probably not good enough to advance to the next level. After bowling each day we went out to eat and ran some errands.

And then there was my own bowling drama. I agreed to be the Vice-President because they usually don’t have to do anything. Ha! The President ended up hurting her leg and having surgery and while she was out we had a league member quit without notice and behind in her fees so guess who had to deal with that? Yeah, fun stuff.

On the positive side I have been hard at work on the A to Z challenge in April. I have all my posts written and am now finding photos and setting up the posts in WordPress.

I also surprised myself by finishing digitally organizing all my photos from 2019. One evening while watching the Heat game (basketball for those unfamiliar) I decided to do a month or two and poof, I finished.

Next week we are going camping over rodeo break. Rodeo break is a local thing and we love having a few days off to get out of town even though we could care less about a rodeo, you know because we are city slickers (currently living in a city, a large city at that, so yeah we think rodeo break is weird). But hello Pacific Ocean!

So I suppose I haven’t written much because I have been too busy living my life. Yeah for me!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now I am off to bake a chocolate oatmeal cake. (Oatmeal because then I can eat the leftovers for breakfast without any guilt 🙂 ).

Flash Fiction: Postal Carrier in Extreme Situation

I am not thrilled with this week’s entry for Carrot Ranch. I feel like I need a lot more words in order to show not tell and I got frustrated and decided to go with “good enough” for this week. (Which it is not but there you have it.)

Rhonda really is the name of our postal person. We have one of those group mailboxes at the end of the street which I hate but which is typical for this area. And on Christmas night someone really did pry open the back of the mailboxes. They could only reach three or four boxes, one of which was mine. I was shocked and hoped they maybe got a credit card bill and were going to pay it for me! Most likely they didn’t get any mail at all as we had collected our mail on Christmas Eve and of course no mail was delivered Christmas Day and the damage was spotted on the 26th.

The post office took care of the situation surprisingly quickly and a new (and much nicer) mailbox was in place by the end of the week. When I went to pick up my new key I asked what they thought the thieves were looking for…drugs. And ironically my thyroid meds showed up the next day.

“Mail Theft”

Rhonda stood in the windy monsoon rain and stared at the back of the mailbox in dismay. Twenty-three years on the job and she was still shocked every time she encountered mail theft.  Her own sense of integrity was so innate that she could never quite believe people would steal mail. 

She tried to remember what she had delivered the day before knowing the thief was most likely looking for drugs.

With a sigh she called her supervisor and then carefully stowed the current mail back in the truck before removing all the remaining mail from the damaged box.