Flash Fiction: Clarice

This week’s prompt from Carrot Ranch is to write about a Clarice, real or fictional. The over all post was pretty heavy and serious so of course my response is to write something insanely silly. That’s just how I roll. I wrote my 99 words late at night when I couldn’t sleep after a long, frustrating day of census training. And you don’t have to tell me, I already know I am not a poet but I love the fact that I can write a poem anyway!

Clarice the Polka Dot Bowed Reindeer

Clarice begged him not to go-
Look at all that wind and snow!
But Rudolph was not afraid,
So Clarice said fine, have it your way.
Clarice knew Rudolph would soon run into trouble
So she got ready to leave on the double.
With grace and ease she tromped through the snow,
Without a doubt she knew just where to go.
And when Rudolph ran into trouble,
Just as she knew he would,
Clarice was there to do what she could.
She saved the day in the ice and snow
‘cause Clarice was one helluva reindeer
don’t you know!

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