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Just got the word, Census is shut down until further notice. Sigh. *********************************************************************

I just wanted to say I won’t be around much for the next 3 weeks as I am working for the census once again. My job has been modified slightly so I don’t have any contact with people. (We are leaving questionnaires on doors in areas where there is an issue with the mailing addresses.)

I confess I haven’t paid much attention to what is going on with the virus until recently. I was bummed when they cancelled basketball but still unconcerned. I was shocked to discover empty shelves at the commissary. But when they closed the libraries? That really brought it home.

I find it ironic that me, the stay at home girl, is now out and about while everyone else hunkers down. But it is just a few weeks.

How appropriate is this? I started coloring it before things got crazy.

7 thoughts on “Hey There

  1. I said today that I’ve realized there is a difference between staying home because I want to and staying home because I have to.


  2. I felt the same way! I was extremely lucky to listen to my intuition and grab some library books 2 hours before they closed ours indefinitely.
    I’ve got 7 books and I’m rationing them out at a book a week.
    I’m sorry they cancelled your census. 😦

    I’m anxious about all of this but curiously watching it all unfold. Be well!

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