Flash Fiction: Rabbits on the Roof

When I first read the prompt of rabbits on the roof from Carrot Ranch I thought I would skip it. I just couldn’t imagine rabbits on a roof. Plus I was still trying to wrap my head around all the changes in my world. But then I read the Brambly Hedge (by Jill Barklem) Story for Spring to my son and suddenly I had a picture of a rabbit family living on the roof of a New York City skyscraper. Being rabbits it was a large family. I could see rows of dollhouse-like homes and shops. In one corner was a park complete with a duck pond and swings. Another corner had vegetable garden allotments.

Every time I found myself thinking something was unrealistic or impossible in real life I made myself stop thinking. This is their story.

“Spring Picnic”

Unbeknownst to the humans below a family of rabbits lived on the 94thfloor (aka the roof). The first spring-like day they decided to go on a picnic.  The aunts got busy making egg salad sandwiches and carrot cookies while the uncles dug out the picnic baskets.  The cousins gathered quilts and Frisbees and badminton sets.

They headed to the park and set up under a tree whose leaves were still buds and basked in the warm sunshine.  They enjoyed the good food, pleasant company and fine spring weather.  The simple things in life are the best they agreed.

More serendipity, I just finished coloring this bookmark!

3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Rabbits on the Roof

  1. Wallace Stegner always maintained that when we write fiction we are seeking truth. Your story shows that Tracey — it might be fantastical, but the truth is apparent. Yes, it is the simple things in life and I think we are all missing them as we knew them. Be well!

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  2. Yes, a good message, and if there’s any good right now it is that families are learning to do things, simple things, together.
    I have learned to just shrug at the impossible prompts and wait for something to come. You did great. No skipping! (Hopping ok)

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