Flash Fiction: A Character Takes Charge

I confess I almost skipped this week’s prompt from Carrot Ranch. I am not interested in a bunch of diatribes against our leadership. The only thing I am really interested in these days are chocolate and an uninterrupted nights sleep.

But then I decided I can continue to be me, write something lighter, more on the fun side and not read the rest.

I am Sherlock and I am in charge!


Time for my every ten-minutes check on the family.  Dad was still staring morosely at a blank television screen.  My boy was fixated on a screen and clicking on a mouse.  I don’t know why he called it that, it sure wasn’t a mouse. Mom was wiping down the kitchen counter for the eighth time, no sign of her cooking bacon.  Darn. I decided it was time to take charge.  I grabbed my leash from its hook and started barking and jumping around.  “Great idea Sherlock,” said Mom and she yelled out “time for a family walk, right now!” 

Let’s face it, in many homes pets rule the roost! (The pictures are of the the same dog, different hairstyles, he likes to mix it up 🙂 )

Stay Safe!

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: A Character Takes Charge

  1. I agree pets are totally in charge. They certainly are in our house. And during these torrid times, what a great thing to do by going on a family walk. Hopefully, the humans in the family will talk to each other while keeping their social distancing from other humans. I hope the walk was a good one.

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