A to Z Blogging Challenge: R is for Reading

This month I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme is my Joy (sometimes Gratitude) List and each entry will be 53 words which is my current age. Enjoy!

If I am ever stuck on a “dessert” island in addition to chocolate chip ice cream and cookies I would NEED books.  Yes, NEED. I can’t imagine going even one day without reading.  I have filled bookshelves in every room of my house.  I think books are the most perfect functional decoration ever.

Happy A to Z April!

2 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge: R is for Reading

  1. I’m with you, 100%. I don’t buy books because my house would be full to the rafters with them 🙂 But now that the library is closed indefinitely, I’ve been buying books on Chapters Indigo -their 5 for 25 deal is AWESOME!- and am about to start scoping out second hand stores for online stock. I cannot live without books!

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    1. I use the library constantly and don’t feel like I buy that many but over the years they have added up. I purge all the time but seem to be keeping a lot of favorites. I haven’t moved in ten years which doesn’t help. When I was moving every few years I was better about downsizing!


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