Seriously? Seriously.

I cannot make this stuff up. In an ill-thought out plan to distract myself from a certain someone I signed up on Bumble, a weird (to me anyway) dating and friend finding app.

Not really understanding what I was doing I swiped away, looking at pictures and reading profiles. I picked a very few possibles and said hello and waited to see what happened.

I had one conversation (I don’t know what else to call it, sending messages back and forth) with a guy that I figured out right away was not a good fit. I politely told him so and hopefully he is okay with that.

And then last night I got a hello from someone I don’t even remember as an option. But he was kinda sexy looking and said he liked to cook so I asked him what he made for dinner and then I went to bed.

My insomnia is once again raging away and at 0030 I found myself awake and staring at the ceiling. After awhile I got up and checked my Bumble account and there was a reply and a question which I answered and sent him another question and he replied right away. Turns out we were both up when we would rather be asleep. We had a nice conversation. He was polite and literate and when we said good night we agreed we would talk again today.

And I got up this morning and….he had deleted his account. And I have not been able to stop laughing about it. 😂 Seriously? Seriously. What else is a girl to do?

I can’t see the forest for the trees. 🙄

So I do believe it is time to retreat from the world once again. I can’t go off-line forever but I like the idea of going computer free for a few days at a time. Really give my brain a break.

Anyone have some good songs to listen to during this insane period of my life? My favorite movie right now is “Waiting to Exhale”. Male bashing at it’s best! I will be on my third viewing later today.

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