Life Goes On

So I imagine you are wondering, what about guy number four?

He is still in the picture. We actually had a date. Actually three dates and are meeting again tomorrow for a hike. Yes, I went on an actual date. And surprisingly it was not terrifying. I was insanely nervous but Four was really kind and thoughtful and understanding.

We met to play mini golf which was actually a great choice. Something to do but we could still talk. On the 3rd hole (I think) I got a hole-in-one. Total miracle shot. And I beat him by one stroke overall which surprised us both. We checked the scores like three times. And then we sat and talked for about two hours.

Easy questions, hard questions but I could feel myself becoming more comfortable with him. A hug good-bye, nothing more.

And then we went for a hike and then we went bowling with the loser agreeing to buy lunch after. We didn’t set any ground rules and he beat me two of three games. But total pins? I won by two so kind of a tie. But I still bought lunch.

Turns out he is one of Santa’s elves and will be leaving for the North Pole after Thanksgiving until Christmas. Okay actually he is a supervisor for a subcontractor for the post office and is working up in Phoenix but I like my story better, even if he is too tall for an elf. 🧝‍♀️

I am sort of glad for the chance to catch my breath and think about exactly what I am doing here. He is a very nice person and I keep thinking he is too nice for me, which is an odd thought. I have been totally honest with him, he is aware of my current family situation and seems okay with making up the rules as we go. I am taking things one day at a time, which I have also told him.

Obviously this is the start of a new chapter in my life and I feel like I need to really think things through. So I will attempt to do so. Please stay tuned.


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