Happy Christmas: Day 2

In some countries, most notably England, today is Boxing Day. This was the day the poor and the servants had their holiday celebrations. It is called Boxing Day for two reasons from days of yore. One, this is the day the churches opened the poor ‘boxes’ (after being filled on Christmas Day by the more well off) and distributed the alms. Two, this was the day the servants in the big manor houses got their Christmas ‘boxes’ and their holiday time off. Being an anglophile I have been celebrating Boxing Day for years.

Today I am grateful I get to use my dining room as a dining room for the second time this year. (The first was Thanksgiving.) Christmas dinner is a low key affair in my house, homemade turkey potpie eaten in the kitchen. But today we have the fancy dinner, beef wrapped in pastry, cauliflower au gratin, apple salad, all eaten in the dining room with candles on the table and Christmas Crackers next to each plate. I will spend the day talking in an awful faux British accent and saying things like “Cheerio my good chap” and use British swear words like “bloody” and “wanker”. And I will enjoy every minute of it. Time to make myself a cuppa.


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