Happy Holidays: Day 9

Today I completed Christmas hike #4. It was longer and a bit more challenging then I expected but I did it!! In the middle of the hike I had a section that was relatively smooth and level so I cogitated on my word for the year. Just like last year I seemed to be having some problems deciding on a word. It took me awhile to come up with “Embrace Today” for last year but it was perfect. Scary perfect. So, no pressure for this year!

I let my thoughts and ideas ping pong around. I breathed in the cool air and let my gaze linger on the beautiful scenery (while ensuring I did not fall off the narrow trail down the side of the mountain!)

I knew what goal I was aiming for, I just couldn’t condense it down into one or two words. In the end I decided the word wasn’t as important as the goal. As long as the word reminded me of what I need/want to do the mission was accomplished.

My word is “Full Thought”. Too often I find myself in one of those annoying thought loops. I also want to learn to be better with responding vs reacting to words/people. I want to do better at thinking things all the way through, or to stop thinking about things in ways that are not helpful. So the plan is for “Full Thought” to provide the following triggers:

  • Why am I thinking this?
  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it helpful?

Today I am grateful for deciding on my word for the year. Even if I am not completely sold on the word I am committed to the idea behind the word. (And if anyone has a better word, please share! No law says I can’t change it.) I considered ThoughtFull very seriously but it seems a little too cutesy.

Ready to watch the next episode of “Bridgerton”. Has anyone read the books? Isn’t my normal genre but if they are well done I would enjoy them.

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