Mental or Physical?

I have been feeling like crap the last few days and wasn’t sure why. Mostly I feel tired and sometimes I have “balloon head”, that feeling when your head seems floaty. I find myself lounging in bed long after I wake up. Once up, I am good for a few hours of productivity but by evening I am ready to curl up under a fleece throw in my jammies and do nothing but read or watch tv.

Further analysis leaves me to believe that allergies are the culprit. Instead of winter rains we are having winter winds. It has been so dry for so long I imagine there is plenty of pollen and dust attacking me. I have added a third dose of my eye drops and resumed my nasal spray. Fingers crossed there won’t be a spring allergy attack since we haven’t had any rains.

But maybe this is a little bit of mental malaise too. I miss those few weeks of winter hibernation. Time for hunkering down and reflecting. Early to bed and lying in on off days. Not feeling the need to accomplish much other than survive the cold and snow.

Maybe I am just feeling lazy, mentally and physically. Perhaps I will take a break. After putting the last of the Christmas decorations away and meal planning and grocery shopping and….

Maybe I will wait until the Chinese New Year to implement goals and set a new routine! And I can spend the next month hibernating! Oh, and I had a great blog idea for the month of February. I think I will curl up under a blanket and reflect on all this. 😊

From a hike (in elevation) walk (in distance) this weekend. See the outline of the housing area, a diamond from this angle. It was quite striking in person.

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