May Madness: Musicals

I was dusting the family room this morning (a somewhat rare event of late) and gave my DVDs the once over. I saw my copy of “Meet Me In St. Louis” and thought that I need to watch that this summer. Is it weird that I only like one musical?

I can see not being a fan of a whole genre, but what does it mean if you dislike a whole genre except for one movie? And it’s not like I am a huge Judy Garland fan or from St. Louis or in some other way linked to the movie. (I just learned that Mary Astor plays the mother in the film. I had no idea!)

Sometimes I think I am just weird.

Til tomorrow…

May Madness: Messed Up

I have been toying with the idea of going back to work. I hesitate because I know what big changes it would mean for the entire family. I saw the Census Bureau was hiring for temporary, mostly part-time jobs later this year. I decided this could be a good opportunity to test out working without a big commitment.

So I went on-line and filled out the application. It gave me the choice of doing so in English or Spanish for the regular application and if I wanted to apply for a supervisory position it had to be in English. I filled out both parts (in English) and attached my paperwork to get my five point veteran preference. They are doing the hiring this summer so I don’t expect to hear anything for awhile.

I decided to give the family a heads up and announced at dinner that I had applied for a job. My son had twelve thousand questions and finally I said, “I don’t even know if I will get hired. I don’t speak Spanish.” Wait. What? Do I really think that? I wasn’t sure. So I did some cogitating on the subject.

Thinking on the supervisory side, all things being equal if another applicant speaks English and Spanish I would hirer them. But then I had another thought. Does this mean some of the people being hired on the non-supervisory side only speak Spanish?

I tried to imagine myself moving to say, France and applying for a government job there without speaking French… nope, can’t imagine it.

Call me crazy but I think if you are applying for a job with the United States government one of your languages should be English. Which leads me to wonder why the application is available in Spanish. All other aspects being equal could someone who only speaks Spanish be hired over someone who only speaks English?

Truthfully I am not all that worried about it. They hire me or they don’t. But the fact that I am even thinking about this is messed up.

Til tomorrow…

“Good Things” Thursday

One of the great things about having a child has been getting to read so many children’s books. Old favorites and new authors have all been enjoyable. One of my new favs is Cynthia Rylant. I love all her series but especially ‘Henry and Mudge’ and ‘Mr. Putter and Tabby’. (I say new but we started reading her books 8 years ago, so by new I mean not of my childhood.)

In the past I have tried both gratitude lists and joy lists but neither quite defined what I was trying to capture. And then I read “Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book” and I had my epiphany. Not to spoil the plot but Mr. Putter is having a hard time writing a book and instead writes a list of “Good Things”.

I am stealing this idea because I love it. So thank you to Ms. Rylant and Mr. Putter ūüėä.

Good Things ‚ėė

  • chamomile flowers from Trader Joe’s ūüĆľ
  • working in my sketchbook (see pics below)
  • the sound of an owl hooting in the distance ( I also like it when I hear trains or church bells) ūüöā
  • learning how to add emoji’s ūüĆĶ
  • signing up for an on-line photography class that starts in April ūüďł
  • reading “Match Making for Beginners” by Maddie Dawson and having a great line stuck in my head: “Whatever happens, love that.” ūüďė
  • chocolate covered strawberry ice cream from Tillamook ūüć®
  • cloud shadows on mountains (makes me smile every time!) ‚ėĀÔłŹ
  • lace curtains moving in the breeze
A few years ago I gave my friend a sketchbook and one to myself. We spent about 2 years drawing pictures for the other and then swapped books. Now we are supposed to use the drawings as inspiration to draw a sort of campanion piece. I am finally getting started. My drawing is on the left and his is on the right. I got the idea from Anne at My Giant Strawberry.

Again I am on the left, my friend on the right.

I am thinking this will become a semi-regular feature, like Photo Friday. We’ll see.

Sending good thoughts your way!

Random Observations

*It is really hard to meditate when you are chewing peppermint gum. Tucking it under your tongue doesn’t work, too minty.

*Does it still count as vacuuming if your spouse moves the vacuum over the floor but doesn’t actually pick up any dirt because he didn’t empty the over full basket or clean the filter clogged with dog hair?

*I have recently learned that it is much better to pluck my eyebrows with my reading glasses on.

*Best milkshake flavor ever? Chocolate covered strawberry!

*Why do needlepoint kits have the yarn colors all glommed together? I am trying to picture the kits being put together and I must confess my imagination fails me.

Well, that’s it for today, I have yarn to separate.

Random Rambling: True Words

True conversation at the grocery store:

Woman:¬† “Oh look dear they have eggnog! ¬†Do you want some?”

Man:¬† “Well, tis the season.”

Me:¬†“No it’s not! ¬†(Said with true horror.) ¬†That eggnog is totally going to clash with your Halloween candy.”

Woman and man both look at me and kind of laugh, and then she reaches for the eggnog and I turn back to the eggs. Oops.

I worry about Thanksgiving. ¬†That one day it will be totally lost as the world jumps straight from Halloween to Christmas. ¬†If I had to pick a favorite holiday it would be Thanksgiving. ¬†The whole weekend. ¬†Football and food. ¬†The Macy’s parade. ¬†A neighborhood stroll after dinner and before dessert. ¬†Autumn leaves and the smell of roasting turkey. ¬†The movie “Rudy” and the traditional Territorial Cup game between ¬† ¬† ¬†U of A and ASU. ¬†Leftover turkey sandwiches on good bread with mayo and cranberry sauce. ¬†The annual craft fair at Reid Park and buying my locally made calendar for next year. Playing FEAST bingo and other board games. Napping. It is my ideal weekend, a nice mix of staying home and getting out, cooking and then not having to cook. ¬† ¬†A well-balanced weekend.


IMG_8272My hat rather turned out a “fright”, just not exactly the way I thought it would.

I went inside the Dollar store to look for some “bling” to add to my Witch hat and froze with fear when faced with aisles of Christmas items! Talk about a Halloween scare! ¬†Luckily I found the one remaining aisle of Halloween stuff and a few items to jazz up my hat.

Mid-Week Ramblings

Even hormonal craziness can’t keep me from doing cartwheels over this lovely autumn weather we are having: ¬†70’s and rain over the weekend, now lovely cool air and that angular autumn sunshine. ¬†It is a huge relief to open the windows since the house has been closed up since April!

At the last U of A football game we went to I noticed three things:

  1. ¬†Oddest item I have seen to date (now that we have to use clear plastic totes): ¬†a woman had a pack of post-it notes. ¬†Still can’t figure out why you would need post-its at a football game.
  2. Two rows in front of us a middle-aged woman’s shorts split from waist to hem, a really big tear, at the beginning of the game. Fortunately she was wearing “granny panties” and we didn’t have to see more than that and she did try and keep her t-shirt tugged down. ¬†Still, kind of odd having to look at that the whole game. ¬†(Of course I tried not to look but it was like a car wreck, you just couldn’t help yourself.) ¬†Luckily she didn’t stand up too much.
  3. I saw a woman with a clipboard and she had pictures you color on it. ¬†But she didn’t color them, just kept adding details with a black pen. ¬†At first I thought she was designing pages for people to color but as she put in more and more details I sort of doubted it. ¬†And the first picture she detailed said “Have a nice day bitches”. ¬†Seemed a strange thing to do at a football game but to each his own. ¬†And it was a nice night to sit outside and color. Or not color in her case but add doodles to a picture.

This is what it looked like most of Saturday!

When it rains it pours.

Getting rain where I live in the desert southwest is a rare and wondrous thing. ¬†I love rainy days but I love them best when I can enjoy them from inside the house. ¬†I don’t like to drive in the rain here as it can be quite hazardous. ¬†Because of the terrain there is usually a lot of ponding on the roads and some actually turn into washes when it rains hardish. ¬†Plus most people here suck at driving in rain. ¬†They don’t slow down or allow extra stopping distance or avoid that huge puddle which has now blinded the driver in the next lane. ¬†And yes they will tailgate you if you slow down.

That being said now that I have the Subaru I don’t drive my Saab in the rain. ¬†My Saab is not replaceable and I really love that car. ¬†Plus the Subaru has more ground clearance and all wheel drive so it just makes sense to drive it in the rain. ¬†Unless of course your husband’s truck won’t start.

It was pouring rain (rare) and an equally rare Saturday where we had to be in two different places.  So I told my husband to take the Subaru and I would take the Saab.  Only one problem, the truck is in the driveway behind the Saab in the garage.  So in the pouring rain we had to push the truck out into the street.  Ever tried to steer a truck without the power steering?  I ended up pushing because it was easier!  At least we had a tiny slope to work with.

And then when my husband got back he tried to start the truck again that afternoon and it started. ¬†He left it parked on the street as I was still out in the Saab. That night he was going up to Phoenix to a hockey game and I told him to take the Subaru just in case. And ¬†when he got home he went to move the truck back into the driveway, no of course it didn’t start. ¬†So we called AAA on Sunday who confirmed it wasn’t the battery (my original diagnosis was the starter, we’ll see if I am right) and we got it towed to the shop up the street where the Saab was already scheduled to get a new tire (slow leak that has been driving me nuts, they already tried to fix it once) on Monday.

So now I am worried, things happen in threes so I take that to mean something should go wrong with the Subaru.  At least that car is under warranty.  And my husband will be driving it until the truck is fixed so hopefully if something does go wrong he is the one that will be stranded.  Wow, that was mean but really who wants to be stuck on the side of the road?

But life is good, cooler weather is here!

Picture is from Toronto this summer, a lovely autumny orange color though.




Where was Jamie Lee Curtis?

A few weeks ago I DVR’d “Halloween” off the IFC channel. ¬†I thought this was a good choice as they don’t edit the movies they show. ¬†It took me two days to watch the whole thing. ¬†I only watched while my son was at school as I knew it was not appropriate for him.

The whole time I am watching the movie I am thinking to myself, “Where is Jamie Lee Curtis? ¬†Maybe it was ‘Friday the 13th’ she was in? Am I just not recognizing her?” Whatever, because the movie scared the pants off me. ¬†I was so glad to be watching it during the day and well before Halloween.

But the whole Jamie Lee Curtis thing was bugging me so after finishing the movie I googled “Halloween”. ¬†I read the plot synopsis and there were some key differences. What the heck did I watch? ¬†And how did I miss Jamie Lee Curtis, she was the lead screaming teenager!

Further research informs me I watched a remake version from 2007. ¬†What? Sheesh, what a disappointment. ¬†Ah, all the nudity and sex make sense now. ¬†And now that I think about the clothes and the cars… yeah, not feeling too bright here. ¬†In my defense I was a bit distracted by the crazy big guy running around killing people in graphically violent ways.

And now I have to watch the original 1978 version and scare the pants off myself again.

From the 1978 version.


It was a Dark and Stormy Night

Sort of. It was certainly dark but the storminess, not yet.

The second night of our three night stay at Bonita Campground in the Chirachua’s found me tired and cold. ¬†Taking advantage of the heater in the trailer I got ready for bed early and felt quite settled and cozy in my sleeping bag. ¬†I had a lantern, my book and my pillows set just right. ¬†Husband and small child had decided to build a fire despite the impending weather. ¬†I savored this time alone, the quiet. ¬†Just as they took out the s’mores items the rain began. ¬†Undeterred they managed to scarf down a third of a bag of marshmallows and two chocolate bars. ¬†Fifteen minutes later my peace was destroyed as I waited patiently while they let all the heat out and brought all the wet items in.

Finally everyone was settled but now I was wide awake. ¬†And way too warm. ¬†I tossed and turned awhile as my husband snored away and small child fidgeted and whispered in the bunk above. ¬†Too much sugar and over-tired I knew he would be awake for hours. ¬†I tried to unzip my sleeping bag but it was all twisted and I couldn’t find the zipper.

What I really wanted to do was open the window. I wanted to hear the distant thunder better and the wind in the trees. ¬†I sat up and slowly cranked open the tiny window next to small child’s bunk. ¬†He was instantly alert and I told him to be quiet and listen for the thunder. ¬†The incoming breeze was perfect, not frigid but refreshing. A gentle stream of cooling air. ¬†I straightened out my sleeping bag and unzipped it part way.

I laid there a long time listening to distant thunder and the trees rustling in the breeze.  The wind picked up indicating more rain was coming but the sound of thunder remained soft.  I fell asleep.

An undetermined amount of time later the carbon monoxide detector went off.  (This happens when the dog sleeps next to it.)  I fumbled with my sleeping bag, then fumbled for my slippers, fumbled with the flashlight and fumbled for the mute button on the alarm.

My husband relocated the dog onto the bed (where he normally sleeps so he doesn’t set off the alarm) and I opened the door to let some air in. ¬†That is when I realized it was raining, so softly it hadn’t awakened me, so softly I hadn’t heard it on the trailer roof.

I breathed in the damp fragrant air and thought how odd it was to be glad to be awakened in the middle of the night.

Observation – Desert Weather

We don’t get much weather here in the desert. It is pretty boring, hot and sunny day after day. But every once in awhile things get interesting. Last night during my drive to bowling, I experienced a rainbow, thunder, lightening, heavy downpour, sunset and patches of blue sky….ALL AT THE SAME TIME. ¬†I kid you not.

Here are some pictures to prove it. ¬†They aren’t very good as I only had the phone on my camera with me and I only took quick snaps while stopped at red lights. ¬†Safety first!


The rainbow. I missed it at it's peak intensity.
The rainbow to the east. I missed it at it’s peak intensity. ¬†Stupid green lights.


The sunset to the west.
The sunset to the west.


Driving south.
Driving south in the rain while looking at blue sky.


Looking back to the north from the bowling alley parking lot.
Looking back to the north from the bowling alley parking lot.


There is a road under that small pond next to the bowling alley parking lot.


There you have it, a weeks worth of weather in a 30 minute drive ūüôā !

Happy Friday!