May Madness: Minstrelsy

I knew at some point this month I wanted to use my paint chip poetry to write an “M” poem. So I went through my paint chips and found a handful of ‘m’ words and got to composing. And then I realized neither paint chip nor poetry were very ‘m’ like. The thesaurus to the rescue! Minstrelsy can be a synonym for poetry. The day is saved!

(Paint chip words are bolded.)


I stare out the window.
I long for something.
I tell myself it is good to be still.
I breath deep.
I look for a mystical connection to the brewing monsoon storm.

I miss living in four seasons,
each flower in their turn:
morning glory's, marigolds, chrysanthemums, mistletoe.
I am out of rhythm with the world.
With myself.

I hear the rumble of thunder,
smell the rain,
feel the warmth of the sun's rays peeking out from behind the clouds.
I look for the rainbow.
Not today.
Not yet.
But soon.

(The day is lost! Why does my preview/published post look nothing like the formatting on my draft screen? I don’t want paragraphs, it is a poem, I want lines! I switch from paragraph to verse but now there would need to be a lot of scrolling? Ah, I had to retype everything because when I was in paragraph mode I added spaces to make lines without making new paragraphs. The day is again saved! And I learned something helpful. Double score!)

Welcome Spring

As luck would have it my son’s spring break actually falls over the first day of spring. Yeah! While the rest of the world looks to go to someplace warm for spring break I typically look for one last taste of winter before resigning myself to the summer heat of the desert. Through the wonders of technology here is a green paint chip poem to celebrate the First Day of Spring while I am off in Santa Fe! (The paint chip words are bolded.)

Spring 2019

I sip a glass of iced tea garnished

with a sprig of mint.

It is the first day of spring

and fittingly the first really pleasant day of the year.

Delightfully warm and sunshiny,

I consider my options.

The arboretum?

No leaves on the trees yet so that is a no.

A walk on the beach to search for sea glass?

Hmm, too windy.

There was no sense dealing with the 

prickly bramble patch without fruit to show 

for all the scratches gained.

A slog along the river bank to see the newly green ferns?

But it would be so muddy with the recent snowmelt.

Ahh,  I know just the thing.

I take a blanket out to my own backyard and lay in the sun near the clover patch.  I look for a four leaf clover until I find one.

How lucky for me to spend this glorious first day of Spring

in my own backyard.

Paint Chip Poetry (Grays and Blues)

I didn’t participate in this week’s 99 word flash fiction challenge at Carrot Ranch. The topic didn’t grab me. But I still felt like writing something and realized I hadn’t done a paint chip poem in awhile. I chose grays and a touch of blue in honor of actually having winter this year. Rain today and tomorrow, maybe even a little snow mixed in, how exciting!

Without further ado here is my poem. The paint chip words are bolded:

No blue suede shoes today

I thought looking out the window 

The wild blue yonder

 hidden by a steely gray mass of 

cumulonimbus clouds  

I was loath to leave my cozy castle

for the harsh outside world

 but bills must be paid 

 I headed to my skyscraper office

happy to not see the scary gargoyle on the corner 

hidden from view 

by the torrents of rain falling from the sky

With no warning

the icy rain

changed to snow 

and the whole outlook of my day changed

I lingered on the sidewalk glad to be caught out in the

floating feathers of snowflakes