Photo Friday

This week the photos are from Center Islands, Toronto Canada.

We start with boats… because islands need boats.

I was worried we were going to be attacked by pirates ūüôā
Where there are boats there must be a lighthouse.

Switching gears, I learned something new:

Babe Ruth his his first professional home run here (albeit in the minor leagues).
I thought this looked rather like a jigsaw puzzle picture.


Keep Your Focus!


Photo Friday

How about some flower pictures taken in Toronto?  Why not, they make me happy and I hope they make you happy too.

A field of yellow flowers and my current desktop photo. (Center Islands)


“I am ready for my closeup…”


Me too! From the garden at Casa Loma.


Irises from Casa Loma.


Keep Your Focus!

Photo Friday

Since I took over 300 photos in Toronto I figure I am set for the summer photo posts. I took only my little Olympus Stylus SH-50 Camera, I knew I wasn’t going to feel like lugging around my DSLR everywhere. I missed having my “real camera” a few times but for the most part my Olympus takes pretty good pictures. ¬†I mostly use the auto setting or some of the scene settings. ¬†Super macro is good for flowers. ¬†I did have some issues with the auto focus but shutting the camera off and back on fixed the problem.

Since Ripley’s Aquarium was my my favorite and where I took the most cool photos I have decided to start there.

Fishes at an aquarium!
Any guesses?  Jellyfish lit with a special light.
A frog fish. Ripley did not make this up. 
So many sharks they were coming out of the ground ūüôā


Keep Your Focus!

Photo Friday

We decided to take advantage of one of the last double digit temperature days and visit the Sonoran Desert Museum. This place has a very diverse range of exhibits and a nice mix of indoor and outdoor displays. There was a decent amount of shade over the outdoor walking areas, critical under the desert sun.

It was siesta time and lots of the animals were sleeping in shady nooks and crannies.  Here is a bobcat snoozing away.

These three Bighorn Sheep were awake.

There is a hummingbird aviary.

Even an aquarium!  Here are some garden eels, kinda creepy.

Keep Your Focus!

(No post next week as I will be on vacation!)

Photo Friday

In honor of Memorial Day today’s theme is “red, white and blue”. ¬† Just a gentle reminder, Memorial Day is to honor those service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending the freedom we enjoy today.

My attempt at a cupcake flag.

One of my many patriotic decorations I display from Memorial Day through 4th of July.
Even at Christmas I like to display my patriotism.
Don’t forget to fly your flag and have a safe holiday weekend.

Keep Your Focus!

Photo Friday

The elementary school art show.

I thought it was really cool the way they used the lunch tables as easels.

My son’s cityscape is the top row middle one (I think).

The 4th grade class recycling project.  The cut milk cartons into strips, colored them with sharpies and weaved them through chicken wire. I want one of these to conceal the a/c unit outside!

Keep your focus!

Photo Friday

I am hiding out indoors these days due to really bad allergies so I was a bit stumped as to what to do for this week’s Photo post. Since I am in the process of organizing all my digital photos I thought I would see what I could find from the past. How about some zoo photos from 2013?

The elephant is our favorite and a baby elephant?  Score!

Usually the rhino is lying camouflaged in the mud so it was nice to get a shot with a green background.

Yup my son was hatched from an egg ūüôā ¬†(I have always let him pick out his own clothes despite his lack of fashion sense.)

Keep your Focus!


Photo Friday

(Above photo, ooh sparkly rock with fern.)

This week I actually went out on an expedition to take pictures. And to keep small child busy since he was out of school for six days with the Arizona teacher walkout. Yikes! ¬†It is always lovely to go up to 8000′ and feel the crisp air and smell the pine. ¬†Added bonus was getting away from the pollen which my sinuses really appreciated.

We didn’t walk far but it was a scenic, if rocky, stroll.

One of the reasons we didn’t stay very long was there was a lot of tree cutting going on by the Forest Service. ¬†We kinda felt like we shouldn’t be in the area though there were no signs or anything forbidding it.

Bridge photos are always good.

Looking up is good too. It was such a beautiful day.

There is a stream here (this is the view off the bridge), not much water which is bad, there should still be some snow melt flowing this time of year. This is more how it looks in early July before the monsoons start.  Hope we get some rain this year.

Keep your focus!

Photo Friday

A few of my favorite car pics from Laughlin. ¬†I love the license plate above “horseless carriage”!


1915 Ford Speedster. I wonder how fast it went.  Twenty mph?

This is my type of Harley!

There was a corvette club having some sort of shindig over the weekend.  That is a lot of corvettes.

Keep Your Focus!


Photo Friday

This week’s theme is “for the birds”. As I was sitting in my newly arranged patio area I noticed a number of colorful little birds in the trees. Of course every time I grabbed my camera they disappeared but with patience I was able to get a few shots.

This one sat still for quite awhile (in bird time anyway) and I was able to get a few photos.

Here is one getting a drink from our dripping irrigation pipes. (We have a container underneath to catch the drips and we dump the water into our potted plants.)

And finally a little red number, very pretty.


Keep Your Focus!