Random Bits

I deactivated my facebook account. Everyone is just a little too nuts these days.

I am now a notary and I passed my signing agent exam. Now I need to get a good printer and figure out what else I have to do to start working.

Still loving the Zinnia on-line planner!

I am on instagram if you want to look at my photos. Right now I am doing a 30 day photo journal challenge.

I watched “The Minimalists” on Netflix and for the rest of January I am purging one item a day. Easy enough. Who knows what it will lead to.

I won’t be around much the rest of this month. I have a lot going on. Plus I want to stay off the computer more because frankly I find the state of the country disturbing and I don’t want to hear all that negativity. But I have a fun idea for February posts which I will share at the end of the month.

Turn off the news and have a good day! 😊

Mental or Physical?

I have been feeling like crap the last few days and wasn’t sure why. Mostly I feel tired and sometimes I have “balloon head”, that feeling when your head seems floaty. I find myself lounging in bed long after I wake up. Once up, I am good for a few hours of productivity but by evening I am ready to curl up under a fleece throw in my jammies and do nothing but read or watch tv.

Further analysis leaves me to believe that allergies are the culprit. Instead of winter rains we are having winter winds. It has been so dry for so long I imagine there is plenty of pollen and dust attacking me. I have added a third dose of my eye drops and resumed my nasal spray. Fingers crossed there won’t be a spring allergy attack since we haven’t had any rains.

But maybe this is a little bit of mental malaise too. I miss those few weeks of winter hibernation. Time for hunkering down and reflecting. Early to bed and lying in on off days. Not feeling the need to accomplish much other than survive the cold and snow.

Maybe I am just feeling lazy, mentally and physically. Perhaps I will take a break. After putting the last of the Christmas decorations away and meal planning and grocery shopping and….

Maybe I will wait until the Chinese New Year to implement goals and set a new routine! And I can spend the next month hibernating! Oh, and I had a great blog idea for the month of February. I think I will curl up under a blanket and reflect on all this. 😊

From a hike (in elevation) walk (in distance) this weekend. See the outline of the housing area, a diamond from this angle. It was quite striking in person.

Epiphany: Bonus Day 13

I did it! I completed my 6th Christmas hike today. The weather was lovely and on the way down to Madera Canyon I stopped at the Green Valley Farmer’s Market for gold, frankincense and myrrh. Not really. But I did pick up 3 small gifts for my son and a yummy chocolate pastry and a pair of gorgeous earrings for myself.

Today I am grateful I was able to do fun things outside of the house. I am glad the Farmer’s Market perseveres and the parks and hiking trails remain open. I am thrilled I was able to ignore all the nonsense going on outside of my bubble.

Happy Holidays: Day 12

Today I am thankful I took a chance on using a digital planner. Has it been challenging? Yes. Have I had a large learning curve? Yes. Will I have to be learning new techniques all year? Yes! And that is good for my brain!

Here a few of the pages I have developed so far:

Not perfect but I can live with it.
Yes I missed a day. 🙄

I can only imagine all the cool things I will learn to do by the end of the year!

(In case you are wondering I chose “Zinnia” digital planner. I was a sucker for all the decorative choices!)

Happy Holidays: Day 11

Today I am grateful that my newer car has the direction I am heading displayed on the rear view mirror. I am also grateful for the map feature. Now I just need to remember to use them. Hi, my name is Tracey and I am directionally challenged.

Let’s just say I may have had a few issues with Christmas hike #5 today and leave it at that. 🙄

Happy Holidays: Day 9

Today I completed Christmas hike #4. It was longer and a bit more challenging then I expected but I did it!! In the middle of the hike I had a section that was relatively smooth and level so I cogitated on my word for the year. Just like last year I seemed to be having some problems deciding on a word. It took me awhile to come up with “Embrace Today” for last year but it was perfect. Scary perfect. So, no pressure for this year!

I let my thoughts and ideas ping pong around. I breathed in the cool air and let my gaze linger on the beautiful scenery (while ensuring I did not fall off the narrow trail down the side of the mountain!)

I knew what goal I was aiming for, I just couldn’t condense it down into one or two words. In the end I decided the word wasn’t as important as the goal. As long as the word reminded me of what I need/want to do the mission was accomplished.

My word is “Full Thought”. Too often I find myself in one of those annoying thought loops. I also want to learn to be better with responding vs reacting to words/people. I want to do better at thinking things all the way through, or to stop thinking about things in ways that are not helpful. So the plan is for “Full Thought” to provide the following triggers:

  • Why am I thinking this?
  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it helpful?

Today I am grateful for deciding on my word for the year. Even if I am not completely sold on the word I am committed to the idea behind the word. (And if anyone has a better word, please share! No law says I can’t change it.) I considered ThoughtFull very seriously but it seems a little too cutesy.

Ready to watch the next episode of “Bridgerton”. Has anyone read the books? Isn’t my normal genre but if they are well done I would enjoy them.

Happy Holidays: Day 8

Well hello 2021. Today I am grateful for giving myself the gift of time and quiet. I took a few hours and a piece of paper and mulled over things. I thought about goals and my word of the year. I brainstormed and scribbled and cogitated. I put stickers on my new calendars.

I am still finalizing my thoughts but I have some ideas of what I want to focus on this year. I started putting together a few lists.

And I am trying to figure out why I am dithering over the idea of a digital planner. I looked at Zinnia and it seems really cool. Lots of embellishments, options, designs. But…I don’t like the idea of an annual subscription. I have played around with the free option and still can’t decide. 🙄 I guess that means I should stick with my still half empty bullet journal. I am going to sleep on it one more night and be decisive one way or the other tomorrow.

Merry Christmas: Day 6

The halfway point of our holiday gratitude finds me longing for a bit of rest. Today I am grateful to make time to work on my Christmas puzzle while drinking a mug of cocoa and then watching “The Family Stone”. The perfect quiet, lazy afternoon!

This was me watching the gag reel!

Merry Christmas: Day 5

Today I am thankful I found out that military retirees, in addition to active duty members, have free access to National Parks. Apparently this started on Veteran’s Day of this year and will continue until further notice.

My second hike was this morning at Saguaro National Park. All this beauty for free!

Clouds and my favorite….shadows on the mountains!
This is called a cacti forest!

Merry Christmas: Day 4

Today I am grateful for productivity. I got everything on my to-do list done. I started taking another supplement and find myself in a better mood and more energetic. Or maybe it is from all the Christmas chocolate I have been eating? Whatever.

One of my tasks today was to sort out some clothes. I filled two totes with clothes that I seldom wear but am not ready to part with. (Mostly heavier items like sweaters and sweatshirts.) I filled a third tote with autumn clothes. I also filled a bag with items to donate. I swear I heard my closet sigh with happiness at acquiring a little breathing room.

I also cleared out some space in my office. Always happy to keep things organized in the space I spend the most time in.