Merry Christmas! Day One

Not everyone realizes that 25 December is the FIRST day of Christmas. The twelve days continue through 5 January (“Twelfth Night”, Shakespeare anyone?). I have impulsively decided to write at least one thing I am grateful for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Here we go…

Today I am thankful for rain. We didn’t get a lot but this year has been so hot and dry every little bit feels wondrous. To wake up this morning to the patter of rain drops felt like a Christmas miracle!

My Word for 2020

It took me quite awhile to figure out my word for this year.

Embrace Now?

Here and Now?

Live Now?

Use the word today instead of now?

I don’t remembering having these issues in past years. Seems my word found me easily. Maybe I tried too hard this year. I know how I want to live this year. I want to spend more time in the moment. I want to find a way to embrace my time here in the desert. I don’t have to love it here but I can certainly find a way to live happily these next few years. To use my time wisely and thoughtfully.

Julia Child once said, “You don’t need to have the life you want to enjoy the life you have.”

This sums up my thoughts perfectly for this year. All I needed to do was break it down into one or two words.

I finally decided to go with:

Embrace Today

My favorite Christmas present this year!

Sometimes it feels perfect, sometimes not quite right. I figure I can always change it later in the year if I want to. The words really aren’t that important as long as I live the intent.