Three Things

Blue painters tape, a countdown to Christmas activity calendar and a Singer typewriter.  What do these three things have in common?  Absolutely nothing except this blog post.

Blue Painters Tape:  A little tip from me to you, keep a roll in your kitchen junk drawer.  I use it for two main things, labeling containers going in the freezer and putting up decorations.  No sticky residue on plastic lids, easy to write on with a Sharpie and  no damage to walls or decorations.  See that turkey above?  Blue tape making him fly on the mantle. I love this stuff!

Advent Countdown Activity Book:  Actually I am not sure what to call it but I saw it at Target and thought it looked fun but I knew my eleven year old would never bother with it.  Then I looked at all the coloring and I thought, who loves to color? Me!  So I bought it for myself.  It will provide a little pocket of peace each day during the hectic holiday preparations.


Singer Typewriter:  Early this year I got it into my head that I wanted a little manual typewriter.  Do I need a typewriter?  No.  But I wanted one.  I kept picturing myself sitting outside at my little table under the umbrella typing letters and making notes for some sort of writing work in process.   Last week I took a spontaneous two hour drive to the Mesa Typewriter Exchange and bought this little beauty.

IMG_8281It was sold under the Singer name (sewing machines) but was really made by Royal.

It was actually a pretty crazy thing to do and I was lucky Bill had any for sale, he mostly does repair work.  I had four options though and tried them all out.  This one felt the best and was a cool color.  Double bonus, it was the cheapest of them (pretty rare as I usually pick the most expensive) and came with a smashingly smart case (pictured behind the typewriter above) stamped “Made In Holland”.  My first Dutch item!