Talk to A Ghost Day

Probably best to do this one in your head. Especially if people are already looking at you oddly for “Flip Your Hair Day“.

Your ghost can be your past or future self, someone dead that you admire or a deceased relative. You can tell them anything you want and I promise they will keep your secret!

Some examples in case you are drawing a blank:

Is the way your spouse chews driving you nuts?  Vent to your late Aunt. You will feel better and no one’s feelings get hurt.

Stuck on a plot point in your novel?  Brainstorm ideas with E.M Forster.

Really irritated that your past self passed up a trip to Italy? Go ahead, yell at her. (And start making plans with your future self to go to Italy!)

I would like to have a chat with Agatha Christie. 1. What really happened during her “lost days”? 2. Did she ever find writing hard?  3. How did she manage to write so much? 4. Does she think she could get away with committing a murder in real life?  5. What was her favorite breakfast?

I am pretty sure her answers (in my head) are: 1. Everyone was driving me nuts so I went to a spa for massages, a facial and a lot of sleep.  2. No.  3. I let the housework go.  4. Yes.  5. Porridge except on Sundays when I like waffles and sausages.

My Agatha Christie collection.


Let us know who  you talked to and if  it was a good conversation? (Sometimes ghost can be annoying when all they do is moan and groan!)  Agatha and I really are curious.


N is for Nemesis

A few weeks ago I finished reading “Nemesis” by Agatha Christie. I was reading all the Miss Marple’s in order and that was the last one. Sad now. Guess I’ll have to start on Hercule Poirot. Happy now 🙂 .

I love the word nemesis: an enemy that is very difficult to defeat. It sounds so sinister but could be anything. That last five pounds. Dark chocolate covered almonds. That spare in bowling where a second pin is hidden behind the first. We all have our nemeses.

I love Agatha Christie too. If I was stranded on a deserted island her books are the ones I would want. (And “How to Survive on a Deserted Island for Dummies”.) Dead author to invite to dinner?  Agatha Christie. Know what I like best about Agatha Christie?  She wrote her first book on a bet with her sister.  But after that she started writing books for the money.  No angst or struggles over being a writer.  She just sat down and wrote.  Why can’t I do that?

Half the Year Gone!

Since six months have gone by I decided it was time to look at my goals for the year and see how I am doing.
It took a few days after vacation to get back into our routine but now things are going well again. I am feeling better, sleeping well and realized my extreme crabbiness was simple PMS. (Possibly exacerbated by less than great eating choices over vacation.) I still made my doctor’s appointment for my regular annual exam in mid-August. I am going to start a list of questions to take with me so I don’t forget anything.
My goals for this year:
Write every day: Rather on hold until school starts up again but I am reading blogs and writing down a game plan of different things to incorporate or try to help make me a successful writer if not a published author.

Don’t be afraid to use things: I feel like I am doing okay with this one.

Play before work at least sometimes: I am actually doing pretty well with this one now that it is summer vacation. Pool time has been trumping making dinner at our normal time and keeping the meal really simple. Often I make some sort of cold side dish in the morning (cole slaw, macaroni salad etc) and have my husband grill something when he gets home. We have also been eating a lot of carrot sticks and cucumber slices, even easier than a salad!

Take 5 minutes everyday to just sit: I have been doing very well with this one. I usually wake up early and I go outside and water the plants and then just sit for a few minutes. I also spend time floating around the pool admiring the clouds or sit under the patio during thunderstorms. (The monsoons have come early this year. Seems like thunder chases us out of the pool every afternoon for awhile though the rain so far has been spotty.)

Healthy eating: This will always be a work in progress but we have been making progress. I rather gave up on the Farmer’s Market. I am not sure why I find it so hard to go but I recognize a lost cause when I see it. Instead I signed up for a CSA and my first pick up is this week. More on that in a later post. I also just bought a Nutribullet to make smoothies. So far I love it and am excited about trying lots of different combinations of fruits and veggies. More about that when I have had more time with it.

Exercise:  I resumed my yoga and jump roping  no problem after vacation.  Plus I swim most days and try and spend 10-15 minutes swimming back and forth with minimal stops.  Hopefully I will be able to see the difference in my arms by the end of the summer.

Purging:  I am still making small advances in downsizing my possessions.  Lately I have been  working on my wardrobe.  I browsed a few blogs searching for a what an almost 50, stay at home mom should be wearing.  The prevailing theme seemed to be mix and match with just a few pieces of good quality that fit well and you are supposed to pick a basic color palette.  While I am not ready to commit to having just 6 tops and 6 bottoms like one person,  I am working on purging those items I may wear but don’t really love.  (I read a good tip that said don’t go by if you wear something but ask would you buy that article of clothing today.)  I am being cognizant of the outfits I really like and that make me feel good and those I wear that make me feel meh or that I don’t really want to leave the house in.

I am also starting to look around my office for what I love and use and what I have simply because I have it.  On deck this week for purging is the laundry room.  I did the games and puzzles earlier this year but looking around I can see more miscellaneous items that can go.

Some random bits to update:

The new bedroom closet organization has grown on me and is working very well.

Relishing reading my Agatha Christies.  Love being able to browse my own shelves to find one that suits my mood.

I am really enjoying church and signed up again to donate a dessert for the men’s shelter in July.

I got a new hairstyle and I LOVE it!