Hello There!

I feel like I haven’t written a real blog post in forever! What has been going on? Well, my son’s First Lego League team went to the State tournament so as the Parent- Mentor I was busy getting them ready. For the first time they won an award, “Most Innovative Solution”. My son has been in the league three years and has gone to the state level every year but this was the first time they won an award at either the regional or state level, so kind of a big deal.

Then I got sick, of course, after spending so much time around germ carrying kids. So no photo Fridays as I haven’t felt much like hiking.

We got the exterior of the house painted and had gutters and rain barrels installed. No, I didn’t have to do the work myself but I had to make decisions and pick colors and write checks and deal with the workers.

Then my son had bowling and he entered the city tournament which means he had to bowl three games on Saturday in the team event and six games on Sunday for singles and doubles. He bowled decent but probably not good enough to advance to the next level. After bowling each day we went out to eat and ran some errands.

And then there was my own bowling drama. I agreed to be the Vice-President because they usually don’t have to do anything. Ha! The President ended up hurting her leg and having surgery and while she was out we had a league member quit without notice and behind in her fees so guess who had to deal with that? Yeah, fun stuff.

On the positive side I have been hard at work on the A to Z challenge in April. I have all my posts written and am now finding photos and setting up the posts in WordPress.

I also surprised myself by finishing digitally organizing all my photos from 2019. One evening while watching the Heat game (basketball for those unfamiliar) I decided to do a month or two and poof, I finished.

Next week we are going camping over rodeo break. Rodeo break is a local thing and we love having a few days off to get out of town even though we could care less about a rodeo, you know because we are city slickers (currently living in a city, a large city at that, so yeah we think rodeo break is weird). But hello Pacific Ocean!

So I suppose I haven’t written much because I have been too busy living my life. Yeah for me!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now I am off to bake a chocolate oatmeal cake. (Oatmeal because then I can eat the leftovers for breakfast without any guilt ūüôā ).

My Birthday

Yes I still enjoy celebrating my birthday, even after so many!  I am now the grand age of 52!  Last week we kind of had a three day celebration.

Day One

It all started with bowling a new scratch high series in my Tuesday morning league, a 555!  Anytime I break 500 I am really happy.

Then I stopped at Trader Joe’s and was happily surprised to find all the pumpkin goodness had arrived. ¬†I tried to restrain myself but I find it best to buy some things early because chances are they will be gone the next time I go. ¬†So hello pumpkin dog treats, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin oatmeal, spiced pumpkin seeds etc. ¬†Many items won’t be opened until October, when I am ready for pumpkin in all things.

And then the first official part of my birthday….going to see the Cubs play the Diamond Backs in Phoenix. ¬†Cubs won 9-1 and Baez got two more RBI’s to continue leading the National League! ¬†I felt sort of bad for the D’backs because there were WAY MORE Cubs fans than D’back fans in the stands.

(I tried to take pictures with the camera on my phone and none of them turned out. I got this one off the web at stadiumjourney.com).

Chase-Field-Interior-1It is a cool stadium, different.  It has a retractable roof which is usually closed for the heat with the a/c on!

My son had my name up on the big board for the birthdays. ¬†He didn’t say Happy Birthday Mom, but put in my full name (first and last) instead which I found rather ¬†funny. I walked out of the stadium singing “Go Cubs Go” and didn’t even mind the long drive home.

Day 2


My husband and son were both home today despite it being a Wednesday, which really made the week feel weird.

We woke to solid cloud cover and brief showers of rain that turned steady in the late afternoon. ¬†With a high temp only in the 80’s, a good 20¬į cooler than it has been, it truly was a gift of a day.


I helped my son bake my birthday cake, took a nap, listened to the rain and lit my vanilla pumpkin candle for the first time this season.

Day 3


Now we get to my actual birthday (finally!). ¬†I put new autumn themed sheets on my bed, did my writing class homework and enjoyed the lingering clouds. I ate 1/2 a pumpkin bagel for breakfast (and put the rest in the freezer!) and enjoyed a mug of hot pumpkin spice rooibos tea, first of the season. ¬†And yes the a/c is still on and no it wasn’t nearly cold enough for hot tea but I did it anyway and I loved it.

IMG_8138The sun peeked out just as I was taking the photo creating cool shadows from the lace curtains.

I also colored a picture for my son to celebrate the first official day of autumn (22 September). ¬†A few days ago he was cleaning up his room and found pictures I had colored for him in the past and asked why I hadn’t done any this school year. ¬†Honestly I thought he might have out grown getting pictures from his Mom in his backpack and I didn’t want to embarrass him. Now I am happily looking for Halloween and Thanksgiving pictures to color!

My husband brought home Chicago Dogs from Luke’s Italian Beef for dinner and then I got to open presents and watch the Cleveland Browns finally win a football game.

IMG_8146My favorite present, this way cool Halloween spatula!

My life is an embarrassment of riches!




The Week in Review 5/23/2018

Something making me happy:  Summer is here! Today is the last day of school. No more alarm clock or lunch making first thing in the morning.  I think I have a good plan for the summer, I just hope I have the energy and patience to make it happen. In anticipation I put away the Spring decorations and put out our red, white and blue theme which will take us through Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14th) and 4th of July.

What I read: “Absent in the Spring” by Mary Westmacott aka Agatha Christie. This is actually a re-read, I love this story about finding out about yourself.

What I watched: Finished watching “The Terror” and that show scared the pants off me! ¬†Not the creature but watching the military order disintegrate and how one evil man could ruin an entire expedition. ¬†And I may have watched a few hours of Royal Wedding stuff ūüôā .

My latest coloring project. I would have worn the one on the left (with a shrug to be appropriately modest)  to the royal wedding, if I had been invited.

Family movie night:¬†I know this is hard to believe but my son and I are just getting around to reading the Harry Potter series. We finished book one and got the first movie from the library. ¬†We spent Saturday morning making a few floating candles, chocolate frogs and cauldron cupcakes. ¬†My son made a little banner with the four different Hogwart’s houses and some wizard cards to go with our frogs. ¬†Pizza and popcorn rounded out dinner. ¬†The movie was longer than I expected so we had a rather late night but worth it.

I am so doing this for Halloween in our front yard!

Crazy toenails:¬†I seldom wear sandals so I paint my toenails just for myself. ¬†I call this “rainbow sherbet”:

It was surprisingly hard to take a close up picture of my own toes.

A happy surprise:¬† When I went to my bowling tournament in Laughlin, NV a few weeks ago I had only signed up for singles. ¬†When I checked in I was asked if I wanted to bowl doubles, someone was in need of a partner. ¬†I said okay, introduced myself to some guy I didn’t know and then went off to bowl on my own lanes at the other end of the bowling alley. ¬†I never saw him again and had no idea what he bowled. ¬†I got the results in the mail and we took 7th place out of 41 winning some prize money! A nice surprise since I finished 19th out of 50 in singles.


I hope you had a good week!

The Week in Review 4/25/18

This past weekend I gave myself an early Mother’s Day present, a weekend away. I drove to Laughlin, Nevada for a bowling tournament.

Something that surprised me: ¬†I had no idea that there was anyplace left in the U.S. where you could smoke indoors. ¬†When I went into the casino/hotel where I was staying I thought I had walked back in time to the 70’s or 80’s peering through a haze of smoke looking for the registration desk.

Something else that surprised me:¬†My car has this funny quirk where sometimes the radio won’t work. Once I turn off the car and start it back up again it resumes working and it only happens once in a great while. ¬†Of course it happened on the trip after a stop for gas. ¬†I didn’t realize it had happened until I was back on the interstate so I decided to sing for myself. ¬†Turns out the only songs I know the words to are Christmas Carols. ¬†Really? ¬†Really. ¬†I tried Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Cougar Mellencamp, Elton John etc. ¬†I had nothing but a few lines here and there. ¬†So I sang Christmas songs for awhile and I did okay with a few (okay two: “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch”) television theme songs from the 70’s. ¬†Crazy.

Something I enjoyed:  An early morning walk along the Colorado River.  The river was so clear and just beautiful.

The Colorado River, my hotel is on the right. 

A surprise place to visit in Arizona:  On my way home I went through Lake Havasu City to see THE London Bridge.  So cool!  I I had a very nice breakfast in the shadow of the bridge at a little cafe.

Yup, THE London Bridge, it just seems so bizarre that it is here in Arizona!

Something I am grateful for:¬† That I bowled decent, nothing spectacular but I didn’t embarrass myself. ¬†And that I had a safe trip, always a little worried driving across the desert in the heat (though it wasn’t too hot thankfully).


And how was your week?


The Week in Review 3/7/18

Weather:  March came in like a lamb, all warm and sunny.  But February ended with a vengeance. We woke to a cold rain that briefly switched to hail.  Luckily the hail was small but it will take some time to see how my lemon tree blossoms survived. (Those are not decorative white rocks in the plant above but hail.)

The wind blew the canopy off my swing (again).

Something that makes me happy: ¬†All my medical information is available on-line to me which I love. ¬†I like being able to see the actual test result numbers and not just get a “everything is normal” from my doctor. ¬†This week I learned they had upgraded the website and now I can make appointments on-line! ¬†So much easier and quicker than calling.

Something I am learning:  My son is having a terrible time in math these days so I am spending my afternoons learning how to add, subtract and multiple fractions.  I suppose I am actually re-learning  because at some point in my young life I must of had to pass a few tests on this stuff.  I know I deal with fractions when I am baking but obviously not enough for fourth grade math!

Something I watched: ¬†“Before Sunrise”, the first in a series of three movies. ¬†I loved it!¬†I found out about this trilogy from wanderlustywriter.¬† As luck would have it my library had the first two movies in a set (“Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”) and the third, “Before Midnight” is on Netflix. I plan on watching the second movie this weekend. ¬†I love having something to look forward to.

From the movie “Before Sunrise”.

The Irony of Bowling:¬† I bowl in two leagues, a regular “normal “one on Thursday nights and the other is a once a month league with the Tucson 500 club. We bowl on the first Saturday of the month and it is a 9 pin “no-tap” league. ¬†(That means if you get 9 pins on your first ball it gets scored as a strike.) ¬†So much fun, all women and I like that we raise money for Special Olympics and Breast Cancer research. On Thursday nights I frequently get a fair number of 9’s on my first ball but last Thursday I actually got some strikes and bowled a 225! (My average is around 150.) And on Saturday, my no-tap league? ¬†My high game was a 192 for the day. ¬†It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor.

‚ÄúDon’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.‚ÄĚ
‚Äē Dr. Seuss

How was your week?