December Delights 11 and 12

My own “candy cane” bush.

I am afraid the crazy busy is turning into just plain crazy. I long for a jammie day. I am still enjoying my morning walks with the dog and finding a few moments to color my picture….but the rest of the day? Yikes!


An accurate depiction of an Arizona snowman (from Winterhaven)

December 11th

Last night we went to look at the lights of Winterhaven.  Winterhaven is a neighborhood here in Tucson that goes all out decorating for the holiday.  They cordon the area off from traffic and everyone either walks or rides one of a few different trolleys that are allowed in the neighborhood between 6:00p and 10:00p.  The event is free but they collect food and money for the food bank which I think is great.

In years past we have gone on a Friday or Saturday night and it has always been crazy crowded.  This year we went on a Sunday, much better.  Still a good crowd around the more elaborate displays but you could walk down the street without being constantly jostled.

I thought about not going but now I am so glad I did.  It was a perfect night with the almost full moon and temps in the 50’s.  I wore just the right jacket so I wasn’t too warm or chilly.  We went out to dinner beforehand giving me a pleasant break from cooking and dishes.   It was so nice to have a post dinner leisurely stroll surrounded by lights and a lovely winter evening.  The outing did much to restore my flagging Christmas spirit.



This snowman is at least 30′ tall, almost to the top of the streetlight!

December 12th

Today I am grateful to spend the morning at home.  For an introvert I have been out and about waaaay more than I want to be.  But it can’t be helped and I am coping the best I can.


(Sorry the pictures aren’t better.  They look okay on my phone but I can’t seem to transfer them the right size or something and I am out of time!)

December Delights 3 and 4

This weekend has been all about loving the light.

December 3rd

I have spent the last few days decorating the house.  I did one room or area a day.  This year I left much of the little knick-knacky stuff in the boxes.  I wanted a less cluttered look this year.  Saturday night I walked around the house turning on all the various Christmas lights and realized this was exactly what I wanted: simple, warm and subtly festive.

With the still shortening days I love the spots of soft light scattered throughout my home.  Even with the chilly weather the house feels warm in the glow of Christmas lights.


I did the fireplace the same as last year.

December 4th

Today at church my son and I lit the Advent candles. I am happy and grateful for finding such a warm and welcoming church home.


I light this candle every night while I am doing the dinner dishes.  It is funny how this little flickering flame is so cheering.