December Delights 23 and 24

December 23rd

I picked up our yule log cake for Christmas Eve today.  I got it from Whole Foods.  I seldom go into Whole Foods even though it is right next to the library, it is just a little too pricey for me.  So how did I know Whole Foods made yule log cakes?  The lovely woman at Coldstone Creamery  told me!  I went to Coldstone to order a cake for Christmas Eve and asked if they could do a yule log.  She obviously saw the disappointment in my face when she said no and told me about the ones she had seen at Whole Foods. (Think Santa in “Miracle on 34th St.”!)

Of course I felt bad about not placing an order with her but she said it was okay:  “She just wanted me to be happy!”  How incredibly nice was that?

And I have decided to go back to that Coldstone and happily order a small cake for Epiphany.  There is nothing better than a business that wants happy customers.

Chocolate on chocolate yule log cake. Should I add a little more snow?


December 24th

Ah, Christmas Eve and today I have a whole list of things filling me with delight!  Everything is done:  cards and packages mailed, cookie boxes delivered to the neighbors, house cleaned and decorated, meals planned and shopped for, gifts wrapped.  And that means today can be slow and focused on anticipation and waiting.

Specific bits of Joy:

  • This morning we all slept in after a late night attending “The Nutcracker”.  We had a festive breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and a cinnamon roll wreath from Trader Joe’s.  As I sat sipping my tea a small beautiful bird landed on the rose bush outside the kitchen window.  Being able to just sit and watch it brought an incredible rush of peace and joy. (I wish I had gotten a picture, it was small with a little pale yellow on it’s chest. Maybe a type of warbler or finch?)
  • My husband took our son and dog to the park giving me a chance to write this up, get in a few steps on the treadmill and enjoy a little pocket of quiet time.

Looking forward to:

  • Mugs of hot cocoa and watching a “Charlie Brown Christmas” after lunch.
  • That feeling of peace I get every year at church when we sing “Silent Night” by candlelight.
My cookie jar dressed for the holidays and hanging with his penguin homemade snow globe friend.

Wishing the whole world PEACE AND JOY this holiday season.