Estate Piovoso

I have decided that “summer part II” shall be officially named “Estate Piovoso” which is Italian for rainy summer, because everything sounds better in Italian!

And boy has it been raining!  We had 14 consecutive afternoons/evening with rain.  And not just a sprinkle or quick downpour but hours of showers. I believe at my house we have had more rain this summer then in the previous six summers combined. Crazy!

I have not been spending much time on-line these days.  Just not in the mood I guess.  Instead I have been working on this in my sketchbook:

Listening to “The Island” by Elin Hilderbrand while working on my latest needlepoint project:

Getting close to finishing the ice cream puzzle:

Watching 50 years of Alfred Hitchcock on TCM Wednesday and Friday nights in July.

I took a trunk full of items to Goodwill and mailed off a bag of clothes to Thred Up.

And I tried to take a picture of the back of my hair to show how humid it is here in the desert.  Not easy to do and then I was quite shocked at all the gray!  And here I thought I just had a few strands in front.

On that note I am off to make popcorn and my son and I are going to watch  “House on Haunted Hill”.  (His choice, not mine!)

Instead of my hair here is a picture of our Cat’s Claw blooming which only happens after a lot of rain.

 Felice Estate Piovoso!!

*I hope I got that translation right!


Observation – Desert Weather

We don’t get much weather here in the desert. It is pretty boring, hot and sunny day after day. But every once in awhile things get interesting. Last night during my drive to bowling, I experienced a rainbow, thunder, lightening, heavy downpour, sunset and patches of blue sky….ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  I kid you not.

Here are some pictures to prove it.  They aren’t very good as I only had the phone on my camera with me and I only took quick snaps while stopped at red lights.  Safety first!


The rainbow. I missed it at it's peak intensity.
The rainbow to the east. I missed it at it’s peak intensity.  Stupid green lights.


The sunset to the west.
The sunset to the west.


Driving south.
Driving south in the rain while looking at blue sky.


Looking back to the north from the bowling alley parking lot.
Looking back to the north from the bowling alley parking lot.


There is a road under that small pond next to the bowling alley parking lot.


There you have it, a weeks worth of weather in a 30 minute drive 🙂 !

Happy Friday!

J is for Jump Rope

Cool clouds yesterday afternoon! (Much more interesting than a picture of a jump rope)

With the temporary demise of my beloved treadmill I have been pondering how to meet my exercise goals. Right now I am looking at a temporary change, I have hopes my treadmill will be repaired in a week or two. (You will just have to wait until ‘T’ for the full story!)

For now I have lowered my walking goal from 10k steps to 8k.  This is doable during the week, the weekends are more of a challenge.  To make up those 2k steps I have decided to…jump rope!  Like a kid again.  Only now I am an adult, a middle age adult.  With a middle aged body that hasn’t jump roped in a long, long, long time.

I love the idea of being able to jump rope again.  It is a great workout.  But when did it get so hard to do?  As a kid I was one of the many to spend my recess jumping rope.  I don’t remember it being hard or being winded or my knees hurting.  It was just fun.  Jumping rope at my age is not fun, it’s exercise.  I do so wish it were fun though. Maybe in time?  And if not, it is only for a week or two.

The sky was gorgeous yesterday, a nice distraction while jumping rope.

Besides, it is good to take advantage of the heat holding off a bit longer.  We have had some rain and lovely cool temperatures since Sunday.  A rare April desert treat, it would be a shame not to get outdoors a bit more.

Baby lemons enjoying a cool drink of rain this morning.

I am thinking 2 to 5 minutes of jump rope is equal to 2k steps.  Please don’t disagree, my knees don’t want to hear it.