An Old-Fashioned Evening



(Brought to you by Directv’s lack of an agreement with the Pac-12 Network)

In keeping with today’s theme I wrote the first draft of this post long hand. You know, on paper with a pen.

Last Friday night I listened to the University of Arizona basketball game ON THE RADIO.  I sat at the kitchen table and sewed nine patch quilt squares while listening to a very exciting game. (My Wildcats lost in OT to Oregon.)   The evening was remarkably calming though.  Those two squares were the best sewing I have ever done. (I am not very good at sewing.)  I relished both the drama of the game and my sense of sewing accomplishment. The evening felt wonderfully… mellow? Entertaining and yet relaxing?  I have struggled to find just the right descriptive word. Seems I can’t accurately describe an old-fashioned evening on a new fangled blog 🙂 .

The evening certainly felt different but in a really nice way.  Maybe it was just the change in routine, doing something oddly novel while still in the familiar comfort of home.  I can’t remember the last time I deliberately sat and listened to the radio in the evening but I hope to do it more often in the future.  Maybe I should send a thank you to Directv. Nah.