Post Disneyland Exhaustion

Day 1: Happy that we had a great birthday dinner in the a/c and that the hostess found me a birthday button. (City Hall was out of them and I was rather bummed.)

I have travelled a lot in the last 30 years for both the military and my own pleasure. I always enjoyed heading out but I was always happy to come home too. Until we moved to Tucson. Right now I am exhausted. Worn out. Frustrated with temperatures still in the the high 90’s with no end in sight.

We went to Disneyland for my birthday.  I was excited about going until I saw the weather forecast.  One hundred degrees and humid for our first day which was my actual birthday.  The next two days were a little cooler and much less humid.  The park was less crowded.  We made plans a few hours at a time and they worked great.  Our time spent in lines was minimized and we got to all our favorite rides.

Since coming home I have been busy preparing for our flooring to be replaced on the first floor.  I hate having everything  in such  disarray.  And I am so tired.

For awhile I thought maybe I had gotten too old for travel.  For Disneyland.  Maybe it was just the heat.  Three long, 12 to 13 hour days of mostly walking or standing in summer temps is enough to do anybody in.  Bookend those days with 10 hour drives across the desert and on the trip home I was in the sun all the way.  I should be tired.

Day 2:  The Tower of Terror silliness.


So happy to see Pluto.

When I look at the pictures I am smiling every time.  A wide, happy smile.  Already all the memories that are sticking are joyful ones.  I am not too old for Disneyland!

I have adjusted my attitude.  I have accepted my fatigue.  I have promised myself I will be so happy with the new flooring 10 days from now that it will be a joy to put everything back and maybe get a little more purging done in the process.  I have promised myself a day off in the middle of October.  I have written it into my day planner.  In ink.

As for the heat?  I have turned the a/c down an extra two degrees.  I have earned it.

Day 3:  Dumbo created a nice breeze.



For Spring break this year my husband and I decided to take our 7 year old for his second trip to Disneyland. I wasn’t real excited about going and not sure why. Our first trip 2 years ago was great and I surprised myself by what I good time I had.

One should listen to that little voice though.

The first potential problem was Ethan getting sent home from school on Thursday with 102 temperature. Okay, we weren’t leaving until Sunday so he had time to get well.  Yes,  it was hard getting everything done and taking care of a sick child, but we made it happen.
The second piece of bad news: while checking the park hours I discovered ‘The Matterhorn’ and ‘Peter Pan’ (among others) were closed for refurbishment. The first two rides we had planned to ride, ‘ The Matterhorn’ and ‘Peter Pan’. Seriously?  Seriously. I kid you not.
The final straw: Standing in line to enter the park I am studying my ticket. The ticket my husband had bought 4 days previously on-base. Black-out dates?  “Uh, husband, what is today’s date?”  I ask in a panic. Yup, the tickets could not be used the 2 weeks around Easter or the two weeks after Christmas. Oh crap.

There is no way one can take a 7 year old to the entrance of Disneyland and then not actually go in.  I wanted to be mad at someone.  Yes, it would have been helpful  when Ken bought the tickets if the seller had mentioned they couldn’t be used the next two weeks.  It would have been nice if Ken had actually looked at the tickets when he bought them.  I wish I had looked at the lower two-thirds of the tickets when I was taking pictures of the bar codes in case we lost them.  I had to admit there really wasn’t anyone to be mad at.

After talking over our options we decided to save the tickets for another trip (they are good for six months) and bought one day passes to Disneyland.  The whole morning felt a little hollow though and when our wait for a table for lunch stretched from 30 minutes to over an hour I decided to give in.  This was not going to be the happiest place on earth for me today.  I was having a crappy day at Disneyland.  So be it.

Then we finally got seated for lunch.  And things started to get better!  I had grilled sea bass and roasted vegetables which were really tasty.  Right after lunch we had a fastpass for Indiana Jones.  This was our first time riding it as E wasn’t tall enough last trip.  Maybe going right after lunch wasn’t the best choice but we both decided it was our new favorite ride.

At the end of the day I realized I had had a pretty good day after all.  Six happy things about the day:

1.  My son had a GREAT day!

2.  I had a good hair day, that sea air added a little something to my curls.

3.  I didn’t get sunburned, something I had been quite worried about.  Most of the rides have lots of shade for the wait in line.

4.  I had grilled sea bass and roasted veggies for lunch, tasty and healthy!

5.  I got to ride 3 rides that I didn’t go on during the first trip:  ‘Dumbo’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Astroblaster’ and loved them all.

6.  I found these really cute salt and pepper shakers:



The rest of the week went okay too.  We spent time in Disney Downtown having a nice lunch at the Rainforest Cafe,  Ethan built “Disney” the elephant at Build-A-Bear and made race cars at the Lego store.  We bought souvenirs and I scored this really cool Minnie Mouse lunch box at CVS for $5.



The next day we went to the beach and had lunch at a park with a playground.  The last day we hung out at the campground playing games and swimming in the heated pool.

While it wasn’t the Spring break we had planned it turned out to be a nice vacation.  The most important part still happened:  we spent lots of family time together.  And a bonus?  We get to plan another trip to Disneyland for later this year!

Best smile of the trip!