Photo Friday

I am hiding out indoors these days due to really bad allergies so I was a bit stumped as to what to do for this week’s Photo post. Since I am in the process of organizing all my digital photos I thought I would see what I could find from the past. How about some zoo photos from 2013?

The elephant is our favorite and a baby elephant?  Score!

Usually the rhino is lying camouflaged in the mud so it was nice to get a shot with a green background.

Yup my son was hatched from an egg 🙂  (I have always let him pick out his own clothes despite his lack of fashion sense.)

Keep your Focus!


December Delight #22

Today I am grateful for something silly: my mismatched no sense of proportion or cohesion winter village. I have no idea how it even got started, just some assorted buildings that one year I decided to put on the sideboard and the village was born.

Because I love the movie “A Christmas Story” my friend sent me this little figurine of Flick with his tongue stuck to the pole. He suits the village perfectly.


Our first new building addition in a long time, the Lego Toy Shoppe.


Why yes, that is an elephant pulling a sleigh through the village.

I have no idea why this display makes me so happy but it does and I am always grateful for an involuntary grin of happiness.