My Healthy Life Manifesto

Manifesto – a public declaration of intentions

I decided I needed to write down some healthy eating guidelines for myself.  That led me to thinking about how big a role stress and lack of sleep play in my eating habits and I decided what I really wanted was a healthy life. So I expanded my manifesto just a bit.

The last few months I have been reading a lot of books about diet, nutrition and eating habits.  Many of them left me feeling like I needed to have an MD (or play a doctor on tv or sleep in a Holiday Inn Express at least) to know how valid the logic/research/argument was. I was left to rely on my own common sense. And Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”.  I love this beautifully illustrated little book of 82 rules.  I understand them, they make sense to me and they are easily followed.  By that I mean anyone can do them with a little time and effort.  No special pills or equipment needed. I plan on glancing through this book daily to give myself reminders of how I want to eat.

What I like about this manifesto is that it is set up for me.  Yes, you can borrow it as a starting point for your own but you really need to devise a manifesto that will fit your own life. Every person is unique with an individual set of circumstances that make up your own needs.

My Healthy Life Manifesto

  • Manage Stress
    • Recognize symptoms and alleviate
    • Schedule appropriately
  • Exercise
    • Change with the seasons/weather as needed
    • Swimming
    • Qigong or Tai Chi
    • Yoga
    • 10k steps and hand weights
  • Sleep
    • Nap if needed
  • Cultivate Better Eating Habits
    • Learn to eat only when hungry
      • Stop snacking
    • Change the way you shop
      • Farmer’s market
      • Less stocking up
      • Keep meals simple
    • Replace processed foods with fruits and veggies
    • Rx Bars for hormonal emergencies and travel
  • Intermittent fasting
    • Make sure you have broth on hand
  • Make everything from scratch
  • Eat at local restaurants
  • No guilt over being an introvert
An example of managing stress, I felt very peaceful when I worked on it. And I finished it!

So there it is, my Healthy Life Manifesto. I am not sure about the fasting.  It seems better suited to people who are obese and trying to lose weight but I have decided to keep it in my hip pocket as a back up plan if I am not doing well with controlling my snacking or the middle age weight gain continues.

My Healthy Life Manifesto.

I printed out two copies, made them all pretty and put one in the kitchen and one in my office.  I’ll be reading them everyday for now.  I am ready to feel not just better but good, really good!


J is for Jump Rope

Cool clouds yesterday afternoon! (Much more interesting than a picture of a jump rope)

With the temporary demise of my beloved treadmill I have been pondering how to meet my exercise goals. Right now I am looking at a temporary change, I have hopes my treadmill will be repaired in a week or two. (You will just have to wait until ‘T’ for the full story!)

For now I have lowered my walking goal from 10k steps to 8k.  This is doable during the week, the weekends are more of a challenge.  To make up those 2k steps I have decided to…jump rope!  Like a kid again.  Only now I am an adult, a middle age adult.  With a middle aged body that hasn’t jump roped in a long, long, long time.

I love the idea of being able to jump rope again.  It is a great workout.  But when did it get so hard to do?  As a kid I was one of the many to spend my recess jumping rope.  I don’t remember it being hard or being winded or my knees hurting.  It was just fun.  Jumping rope at my age is not fun, it’s exercise.  I do so wish it were fun though. Maybe in time?  And if not, it is only for a week or two.

The sky was gorgeous yesterday, a nice distraction while jumping rope.

Besides, it is good to take advantage of the heat holding off a bit longer.  We have had some rain and lovely cool temperatures since Sunday.  A rare April desert treat, it would be a shame not to get outdoors a bit more.

Baby lemons enjoying a cool drink of rain this morning.

I am thinking 2 to 5 minutes of jump rope is equal to 2k steps.  Please don’t disagree, my knees don’t want to hear it.