May Madness: Money

My personal definition of financial success is being able to pay all my bills, save a decent amount, take a nice vacation once a year and buy whatever I want at the grocery store.

I have to confess I have never thought too much about money. I joined the Air Force at seventeen so I had a steady paycheck at a young age. I have always been excellent at living within my means. Every payday I sat down and paid all my bills, put money into savings and then could spend whatever was left.

Despite retiring, getting married and having a child I have been able to stick to my financial mantra. We save for things and then buy them. We pay off our credit cards in full every month. We never had student loans as the military paid for most of our college degrees. I handle all the finances in our house because my husband sucks with money. He literally brought none into our marriage and I kept all my pre-marriage accounts in my name only.

Looking ahead to my real retirement years (seven years from now) I decided to hire a financial planner. And for the first time I find myself really having to think about money.

On the first run through my Financial Planner made an error and had me broke before I was 80! Luckily I caught the error and pointed it out and after the correction found I am in good shape.

My retirement scenario is not typical. I am trying to figure out exactly where I am going to retire to and from there I will be able to make a more concrete budget. My biggest concern is buying a home. I already know my husband and I will be going our separate ways so all my planning is being done on my own savings and income alone.

Now that everything is set up with my financial planner I hope I can go back to not thinking about money for a few more years. I doubt I can go wrong with sticking to the plan that has worked so far.

Til tomorrow…