Habit Number One

When I made my list of habits to acquire for 2016 I thought I would start with meditation. Not too time consuming, no special equipment needed and I hoped becoming a “Zen master” would help tackle all those other habits.

Instead we decided to do the Whole30. My husband had a lot of co-workers doing it so I said okay. It made sense for me as I had been feeling really bad of late, like my thyroid meds aren’t working very well. I was disappointed to realize that just two weeks (or was it three?) of bad eating had such an extreme impact on my body.

So habit number one is healthy eating.  Whole30 turned out to be more of a Whole15, at least for me.  I am still eating mostly Whole30 meals but I am not strictly following the rules.  Having done the Whole30 before I have already learned many things about what I can and cannot eat.

For February the habit focus will continue to be healthy eating with an extra focus on sugar.  I finally realized I had no idea how much sugar was too much and after some research I am going with a limit of 25 grams a day.  That is ‘added sugar’ so things like the natural sugar in an apple do not count.

I have also had the crazy idea that I can actually eat anything I want as long as I make it myself from scratch.  So if I want a donut or a bagel I can have one as long as I make it myself, from scratch.  I have started buying organic flour and I made bread using just the organic flour, water, salt and yeast.  I only ate a small slice but I didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects so I will continue baking and sampling different items over the coming months and see how they make me feel. I know I need to keep my intake of any baked goods small but I think I will do okay with having a tiny portion of a treat once in awhile.  I would not be okay with never having any baked goods at all.

I am rather excited about eliminating all the chemicals from the food we eat, or at least a reasonable amount.  I am hopeful about staying at a decent weight, desperate to keep my thyroid in check and optimistic that a fairly clean diet will lead to a healthy old age.  Here’s to 30 more days of wholesome nutritious eating leading to a lifetime of good eating habits.

Our harvest of oranges before the predicted hard freeze.

Don’t hate me but it is time to talk about…

goals for next year. (Ha! You thought I was going to say Christmas didn’t you?)
I don’t make New Year’s’ resolutions perse, instead I like to set goals for the whole year. But lately I have been thinking about habits. Specifically my habits, ones I want to adopt and ones I want to resume.

The reason I am thinking about this two months early is because now is a good time to make plans, before the chaos of the holidays kick in. I have read Leo Babauta’s book  “Zen Habits” and it makes sense.  You have a better chance of success establishing habits if you make one change at a time and do it slowly.  So that is my plan.

In addition to deciding what habits I want to add to my life I need to prioritize them and make sure I understand my reasons for wanting to add them to my days.  All this is going to take a bit of thinking and I want to make some observations about the behaviors I want to change.  For instance I am going to write down all the sugar and grains I eat for the next week to see exactly what my intake is.  I am also going to wear my pedometer and see how many steps I average in a typical day.

I have five different habits I am thinking about so far.  The plan is to have a strategy mapped out by Thanksgiving so stay tuned!

And a couple of completely unrelated to the post photos, but I am all giddy about autumn these days!


Yams with a maple cranberry sauce.


Our Trader Joe’s haunted house. It may be all autumn in my head but it is still in the mid-80s here so the icing got a little drippy. We decided after that we liked it better that way!


The back door.  It looks kind of like a face.