Random things making me feel happy this week:


1.  I am enjoying the fact that the weather hasn’t turned hot yet.  I am still taking the dog for a walk every morning, admiring the mountains against a blue sky not yet hazy with heat and saving money by not having to turn the a/c on.

2.  My hummingbirds have hatched but I haven’t been able to get a really good picture of them yet.  They are so tiny!  Here are some pictures of the Mama bird giving them breakfast.

Can you see the tiny beak sticking up?

IMG_6338 IMG_6334


I have been cautious about taking pictures, not wanting to alarm the mother or lose an eye to that long beak!  It was on the chilly, breezy side this morning so the babies are huddled down.





3.  This plant in front of my house smells just like honeysuckle, I love it.



4.  “Mr. Selfridge” and all the other upcoming delicious PBS shows.  I am most looking forward to the one about the three nurses in WWI, “The Crimson Field”.


It is good to feel happy. I hope there are a few happy things going on in your life too!