W is for Whole30

From Mother’s Day 2014


As I write this I am on day 21 and doing incredibly well. (I’ll be on day 24 when you read this!) This is my fifth or sixth try at the Whole30 and while I have never really completed one I don’t think of them as failures. Each time I have learned something and incorporated a few new foods and better eating habits for the long term into my life.

This time around I really tried to set myself up to succeed. I picked a 30 day span when we had no holidays or camping trips to make it as easy as possible for me. Bought some marinades and sauces from Tessemae’s and placed an order with Wellness Meats.  In addition to planning dinners a week at a time I planned breakfast and lunch too.  All this has really helped.

The most important thing though has been having the right attitude and specific goals.  I am not cheating at all.  I don’t even think about cheating but vowed to simply follow the rules. No “I am going to eat butter instead of ghee after the 30 days so what difference does it make now” sort of thinking.    My main goals are to see how sugar and grains affect my joint pain and moods.  So once I am done I will resume eating cheese and real butter.  But grains and sugar will be done in small amounts with close attention paid as to how I feel. At least that is the plan.

As for how it is going right now,  all my cravings are gone.  My mood does seem more stable and some days I do think the joint pain is less. Sleeping is still an issue but I believe that is due to bad seasonal allergies and perimenopause.  I guess hoping eating a clean diet would make everything better was an unrealistic expectation.  🙂

Another surprise was how well my last two dental checkups went.  I had my semi-annual cleaning two weeks ago and the hygienist again commented on how clean my teeth were.  I have always been good about brushing and flossing but she pointed out my gums aren’t inflamed anymore either.  She only found a little soft plaque along the gum line.  The only thing that has changed is my eating habits. Looks like avoiding grains and sugars is really good for your teeth!

The biggest change is now I only eat because I am hungry.  The pleasure of food has disappeared which is kinda sad.  I make nice meals and keep up the variety of foods but something has changed.  I am not looking forward to eating, it has become a chore. Hopefully this feeling is only temporary.  I am glad that I no longer snack and I really hope that habit sticks.  And while I  am okay with eating only when hungry I really want to look forward to meals again.

I am also feeling a bit disappointed that I am not feeling any “Tiger Blood”.  Could be due to the bad allergies or it could be that my eating habits really aren’t that bad or that what foods I eat don’t negatively affect me.  If that is true then I am happy I can eat everything but sad that I can’t improve any of my ailments via diet.

But I can’t lie, I am looking forward to Mother’s Day and making pancakes with my son for breakfast and having dessert with dinner.  I have one last homemade peach crisp in the freezer that sounds perfect for a warm, sunny Sunday in May!

Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch”  By Cynthia Rylant  was our inspiration.


Our fruit family is Whole30 Compliant!




Habits and “T Time”


Random flower photo from my collection taken in the White Mountains (summer 2013)

Everything I read said it was best to incorporate one new habit at a time.  Your brain and willpower can only do so much at once.  I think it is a good concept and one I was planning to adhere to this year.  But here’s the thing, without any conscious effort some other habits on my list are being adopted during T Time.  It is so cool!

I have found that sitting in my quiet office  working on a needlepoint project is actually a form of meditation.  My breathing is slow and regular, my mind is blank, focus is on how many stitches of this color I need to do for this row.  It is very calming.  Unlike when I actually try and do meditation there is no wondering about how many minutes I have left or guiltily jerking my mind back from wandering and trying to concentrate on my breathing or some mantra.  The meditation just happens.  My brain enjoys the quiet rest.

The other positive thing is I have resumed walking on my treadmill while using my computer.  No pedometer keeping track of my steps, no goal of so much time.  Just a simple stroll while writing or reading blogs.

Officially for February I am concentrating on healthy eating.   I am tracking my sugar intake and once again avoiding wheat.  I have found the joint pain in my hands and shoulder has returned. The plan is to abstain from wheat for a week or two and if my hands feel better, then I will know for sure the culprit is wheat. I am pretty sure I have made this plan before and I am pretty sure wheat is the bad guy.  I guess I was hoping organic wheat would make a difference.  I don’t even want to think about giving up baked goods and bread forever.  For now I will just focus on the next two weeks.

But I am not going to complain about meditation and 10k steps a day sneaking their way into my routine.  It’s all good!


Habit Number One

When I made my list of habits to acquire for 2016 I thought I would start with meditation. Not too time consuming, no special equipment needed and I hoped becoming a “Zen master” would help tackle all those other habits.

Instead we decided to do the Whole30. My husband had a lot of co-workers doing it so I said okay. It made sense for me as I had been feeling really bad of late, like my thyroid meds aren’t working very well. I was disappointed to realize that just two weeks (or was it three?) of bad eating had such an extreme impact on my body.

So habit number one is healthy eating.  Whole30 turned out to be more of a Whole15, at least for me.  I am still eating mostly Whole30 meals but I am not strictly following the rules.  Having done the Whole30 before I have already learned many things about what I can and cannot eat.

For February the habit focus will continue to be healthy eating with an extra focus on sugar.  I finally realized I had no idea how much sugar was too much and after some research I am going with a limit of 25 grams a day.  That is ‘added sugar’ so things like the natural sugar in an apple do not count.

I have also had the crazy idea that I can actually eat anything I want as long as I make it myself from scratch.  So if I want a donut or a bagel I can have one as long as I make it myself, from scratch.  I have started buying organic flour and I made bread using just the organic flour, water, salt and yeast.  I only ate a small slice but I didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects so I will continue baking and sampling different items over the coming months and see how they make me feel. I know I need to keep my intake of any baked goods small but I think I will do okay with having a tiny portion of a treat once in awhile.  I would not be okay with never having any baked goods at all.

I am rather excited about eliminating all the chemicals from the food we eat, or at least a reasonable amount.  I am hopeful about staying at a decent weight, desperate to keep my thyroid in check and optimistic that a fairly clean diet will lead to a healthy old age.  Here’s to 30 more days of wholesome nutritious eating leading to a lifetime of good eating habits.

Our harvest of oranges before the predicted hard freeze.

The Holiday Creep

Finished my latest project at the perfect time.

No, not the weird guy who runs around and around our loop, though I do find that a little creepy. I am talking about the  holiday weight creep. I heard on the radio the average person gains seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. What!? I thought it was four to five.

The week after Thanksgiving I stepped on the scale. I was still in my five pound window but perilously close to the top end. My first inclination was to ignore it. I am not going to stress over every cookie and eating out for the next four weeks.  But I wasn’t sleeping well either and feeling rather crabby.  I had stopped curtailing my wheat and grain intake and I was feeling it.

I looked at the calendar.  It really isn’t that close to Christmas yet. Really I have two more weeks where I should, could and will eat in my normal non-holiday fashion.  This week I have resumed using romaine leaves instead of bread, spaghetti squash instead of pasta and making simple meals like grilled salmon and salad for dinner.  I will remember to be moderate in my tasting while baking treats for the neighbors.  The oranges on our tree are ripe so when I need a snack I have been going outside and picking one to eat right then.  What a luxury!

I do not know how successful I will be in not gaining weight the next two weeks, but I already feel better just for trying.

Goals for 2016

After a bit of thinking and a lot of doodling I have come up with THE LIST. Since I won’t be starting until mid-January there may still be some tweaks but for the most part this is what I am going with.  They are in no particular order and I will be implementing these habit changes one at a time using the “Zen Habits” method.  I doubt they will all get done, actually if I have just two or three new habits firmly entrenched by the end of the year I will call it success.

  •  Improve eating habits
    • reduce grain intake and search for healthier grains
    • keep sugar intake low
    • avoid chemicals, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • Steps
    • experiment with grain free recipes
    • eliminate processed treats (no more store bought cookies, desserts etc)
    • decide ahead of time when I am going to break my rules and keep track

Goal: better sleep, better mood, less joint pain

@ I am already doing most of these things to some degree but I want to try a little harder.  I have begun looking up all the ingredients on things like crackers and cereals and researching to find the healthiest flours.

  • Increase my physical activity
    • longer walks with dog (10k steps per day goal)
    • yoga
    • jump rope
    • biking
    • hand weights
  • Steps
    • create a schedule
    • start small

Goal:  better sleep, better mood, tone muscles, increase upper arm strength

@ this one is going to be tough because I don’t really like to exercise. I also need to be flexible and adjust my routine to fit the time of year.  Swimming in the summer instead of walking for example.  But this is where the Zen Habits will be very helpful.

  • Meditation
    • two 5 to 10 minute sessions per day
  • Steps
    • start small
    • be patient with myself

@ I had already started on this goal, I thought it would be a good one to give the “Zen Habits” method a practice run with.  But then I got sick and now I need to start over.  Such is life.

Goal:  peace of mind, better focus

  • Writing
    • finish writing something, anything
  • Steps
    • set time or word count goal
    • investigate entering some contests

Goal:  to write enough that I can think of myself as an author, to feel a sense of purpose, to add another dimension to my day.

  • Photography
    • take better photos
  • Steps
    • watch a Great Courses DVD I bought this year
    • read blogs about taking photos
    • look into photo editing software

Goal: become a more knowledgeable photographer

@ I enjoy taking nature photos and am ready to up my game.  The last few years I have made myself a calendar and I want 2017’s to be fabulous!

Hopefully I will have the patience to take my time and attend to each new habit properly.  This time next year my days will look very different if I am successful.  I am looking forward to change, feeling better and discovering who I can be in this next phase of my life.


True Confession Time

Today is my last day on the Whole 30. I wasn’t planning on doing one but my husband decided to join some of his co-workers and since I had to cook for him anyway I decided I might as well do my third Whole 30 attempt. I was already trying to avoid grains and I needed to do something about my snacking and sugar intake anyway.

So how did I do?

Here are my transgressions:

  1.  I ate butter, real butter.  Not much, but frankly I am not a big fan of ghee.
  2. I used store bought mayo.  I bought the healthiest olive oil kind I could find.  While I can make homemade mayo I find it tiresome and in the heat I was a little afraid of giving myself food poisoning. I did find some canola oil only mayo at Trader Joe’s so I will try that next.
  3. I ate peanut butter.  Trader Joe’s peanuts only peanut butter through day 12.  Then I did some research on legumes and switched to almond butter for the remaining 18 days.
  4. I ate some Mickey Mousse on my birthday (about half).  While at Disneyland I ate salads, a burger with no bun and grilled chicken breast but didn’t check to see if they were truly Whole 30 compliant.  I skipped the dressing but I did eat some cheese.  I also had a raspberry smoothie at Ghirardelli’s, split three ways so I didn’t really have much.


Birthday “Mickey Mousse”


And technically compliant yet frowned upon:

A couple of homemade smoothies: spinach and fruit, chia seeds.  I ate them for lunch because I wasn’t that hungry and it was terrifically hot out and I needed something cold.

Olive oil potato chips.  They were part of a picnic lunch, again it was hot out, and I was sweating like crazy and craved the salt.

So I admit I didn’t really do a Whole 30.  I like to think I did a “Tracey 30”.  My goals were to avoid grains and sugar and I succeeded.  I stopped mindlessly eating candy throughout the day, reduced my joint pain, improved my mood and lost five pounds.

Going forward I am planning on starting another “Tracey 30” next week.  I want to continue to avoid/seriously limit wheat and see if corn, rice  and oats are okay or if I need to avoid them too. I know I am still battling the sugar demon and need to avoid candy and baked goods for a while longer.  I want to try some grain free baked goods made with coconut or almond flour for the holidays but I think I will wait another month.  I need to stay off sugar longer to really get control of my sweet tooth.

From previous Whole 30s I know I am okay with cheese and yogurt and they are going back in my diet.  I am also going back to peanut butter.  I like it way better than other butters and have not noticed any issues with it.  It’s not like I eat tons of it anyway but I do like a little with an apple or banana for breakfast or a tasty snack.  Much better than eating a brownie smothered in ice cream and chocolate syrup I’m sure.

I consider this last not quite a Whole 30 a success. I am eating healthier, comfortably in my five pound weight window and feeling better.  I know my next goals: I will test different grains and will continue to address my sugar/snacking issues.

I am giving myself a few days off from thinking about food so much and to get through our flooring install (since I don’t have much access to the kitchen anyway.)  My husband brought home Chipolte last night and he is bringing home dinner again tonight.  Hopefully it will be a fairly healthy choice and I will continue to skip the buns and bread.

Happy Days are Here Again!

I am feeling much better these days. It is a huge relief to not feel crabby for no apparent reason all the time. There are various reasons I could be feeling better:

1. My husband is doing the Whole 30 with some co-workers and I decided to do it too since I was going to have to do all the food prep for him anyway. (My husband can grill but completely inept in the kitchen which I think he does on purpose.) I am on day 10 and I believe purging the grains and sugar from my diet are making a difference.

2.  I am getting outdoors a bit more despite the heat and humidity.  It is still unpleasant out but cloud cover makes it more bearable.  On Saturday afternoon we went for a short hike at Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.  It had been raining all day but we just had a few sprinkles on our hike and on the way home the sun came out making it yucky hot.  On Labor Day we went to Apple Annie’s  and picked a ton of fruit  and veggies.  Despite being “only” 85 degrees,  with the humidity and sun it was sweltering.  But I love picking fruit and we enjoyed ourselves despite the weather.  It plain feels good to be outdoors more.

Good to see water flowing over the dam at Sabino Canyon.


Sabino Creek


A few sprinkles of rain during our hike felt good.


Really wish those clouds had been over the sun at Apple Annie’s.


A little taste of pre-autumn color in Willcox, AZ.

3.  It is September which means there must be an end in sight to the heat.  Okay, it will be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks before we feel it but there is still a feeling of having survived another desert summer. (Well almost survived, only two more weeks of summer to go.)

4.  Lots to look forward to.  We are now in my “most wonderful time of the year”.  My husband and I sat down with the calendar and planned out our camping trips for the next few months.  The anticipation of true autumn weather (at higher elevations), wearing long sleeves, and gathering leaves makes me smile.

5.  It is football season!  This year we bought season tickets to University of Arizona Wildcat football games.  Nothing beats the atmosphere of college football.  Football and a marching band, what could be better in (almost) autumn?  Our first game was last Thursday and it started raining a  few hours before kickoff.  But the rain ended just as we were going to our seats.  We had remembered a towel to dry our seats off and it was a lovely, cool evening.  It was so perfect I thought I was going to cry.  Arizona won and as usual it was an entertaining game.

The Pride of Arizona marching band. (Wildcats, Pride, get it?)


Wonderful football weather.

Sunday I have my Denver Bronco’s to look forward to.  If only Peyton Manning can stay healthy and the O-line keep him protected!

6.  I was on-call for jury duty this week and did not have to report to the courthouse.  This means I have the whole week free to do whatever I want.  (I wish.)

I hope everyone is having a happy day.  🙂

Why was I feeling better?

Up until about a week ago I was feeling really good.  Happy, energetic, sleeping well.  Now I feel sluggish and blah again.  I get cranky very easily too.  I have my doctor’s appointment at the end of the week so I can get some input from my doctor.  I already had my lab work done and saw my results online.  Everything looked good, no flags, even my thyroid level is in the right range.

I have been doing some thinking and some research about what could be making me feel bad (in addition to my hypothyroidism).  The most likely culprit is diet.  For awhile I was eating very healthy, not too much sugar and I was avoiding wheat.  I wonder if I may have a wheat intolerance?  Wheat can not only cause gastro issues but also mood swings.  While I avoid bread or rolls while eating out that doesn’t mean I avoid wheat.  Even here at home I haven’t been fanatical about not eating wheat.  I am not actually allergic but now I want to avoid wheat more diligently and see how I feel.  I am also going to ask my doctor if there is a test to see if I am wheat intolerant and to what level.

And then there is sugar.  I was doing really well not snacking or eating candy and then PMS hit.  I had no control and when my PMS ended I didn’t stop mindlessly eating the candy.  So now I am back to square one and determined to regain control.   Odds are I will do well until I get hit with PMS again in a few weeks.  I need a plan.  A good plan.  It is not pretty when the sugar craving slams me and I have nothing in the house.  Fruit and nuts might work, maybe with a small piece of dark chocolate kept in a very inconvenient place.

Anyway, other than the snacking I have been eating fairly healthy meals.  The CSA box has been great for that. We have had salmon and corn on the cob, corned beef and green beans, ratatouille, squash and pork chops as recent meals. Last night  I am made spaghetti but I ate spaghetti squash instead of pasta. I used ground turkey and cut up a summer squash and put it in the sauce.  In this heat I like the lighter spaghetti squash even more than pasta.


I have also been swimming most days, I walk my son to and from school and am walking the dog around the block in the morning.  So,  I am getting some exercise in despite the horrid (terribly hot, muggy, broiling sun) weather.

It is not easy to eat healthy every single day.  I am doing well with meals, it is the in between meals where I am failing epically at the moment.  Especially with sugar,  it seems one slip up ruins weeks worth of work.  But I really liked feeling better.  It was great not snapping at my son all the time, waking up looking forward to the day, getting lots of projects done and being able to stay awake past 9:00p.  All I can do is keep trying, taking things one day, one hour at a time.  I won’t beat myself up when I err but try my best to put it behind me and move on.  And maybe the doctor will be able to give me some direction and tips.

Yeah for the CSA!

Just over a month ago I joined Tucson Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  One of the steps I wanted to try this year towards healthier eating was going to a farmer’s market on a regular basis. It wasn’t happening.  We have some very nice farmer’s markets in the area but for various reasons going felt like a very time consuming chore. The drive, the parking, the heat, trying to figure out what I could actually use and trying (unsuccessfully) not to buy unhealthy items from bakeries. I admitted to myself it wasn’t working and gave up trying to go.

I had heard of CSAs and last year in the Phoenix newspaper a woman wrote a series of articles about her CSA experience.  I wondered if it would work for me.  The Tucson CSA has an excellent website and I loved the fact that I could see what people had gotten, and when, for the last ten years.  One gets not just vegetables but also fruits, nuts and herbs.  They provide recipes and are more than happy to answer questions about the different items.

I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it for six weeks and I signed up.  Five weeks in and I am loving it. Each week I pick up seven to eight different items.  I was a little worried about getting items we don’t really want but they have a trade table and a donate table.  The trade table starts out with one portion of each item and you can swap what you don’t want for something you do.  And if there isn’t anything you want then you can just leave it on the donate table.  You can also take anything from the donate table, they just ask that you don’t be greedy.  Any leftover items go to the local food bank.

Here is a summary of the first five weeks:

Week One

cilantro  (I know I don’t like cilantro and wanted to trade it but my son wanted it.  We ended up throwing it away.)

carrots  (Late in the season for carrots and they warned us these wouldn’t be good raw but needed to be cooked. I put a few in my smoothies but after a few days they became quite limp and I ended up tossing the few that were left.)

2 peaches (A bit over ripe but excellent in smoothies.)

2 red onion (Chopped and frozen for future stews and chilis)

garlic (Still have some)

cantaloup (Eaten)

jewel melon (A new food for us and eaten up!)

2 ears of corn (Eaten)

Week 2

CSA week 2
CSA week 2

You can see in the picture what we got for week two.  We managed to eat that whole, huge watermelon, mostly by my son.  We traded cilantro for more grapefruit which was a great deal.  I ate all the grapefruit, they were super sweet and yummy.  The peaches this time were under ripe, we took them camping, forgot about them so I used them in smoothies when we got back.

Tomatillos were new to us and I used them, along with the sweet potatoes, onions and garlic (from the previous week)  in a very tasty black bean stew recipe provided by the CSA. My husband even liked the stew and  between the two of us we finished it off.

Week 3

We were camping over week 3.  You can skip a pick up, and not be charged for it, if you let the CSA know by the Friday before.  If you don’t let them know then your share gets donated to the food bank and your account debited like normal.  You sign up for 6 or 12 weeks at a time, paying up front. Each week you get an e-mail letting you know how much is left on your account.

Week 4

CSA week 4
CSA week 4

For week four I swapped 5 smallish white onions for 3 more yams.  The peaches were again a little under ripe and I set them on the windowsill.  A few days later we ate them on the drive to Phoenix but there were still a little tart.  I was very excited to get pecans which I am storing in the freezer.  We used the yams for “Christmas in July” mashing them with a little brown sugar, cinnamon and allspice.  I also roasted the squash for our “Christmas in July” dinner sprinkling on a little feta cheese at the end, my new favorite way to eat squash.

Week 5

CSA week 5
CSA week 5

No swapping this week, everything looks really good.   I used  the potatoes to make potato salad on Sunday.  We ate the green beans Wednesday night, simply steamed with grilled pork chops.  I cut up the cantaloup and my son ate that for breakfast several mornings in a row.  The cucumbers we slice up and eat with dinner. As for the roasted green chilis I froze them.  I make a tasty green chili stew but it is too hot and humid these days for something so warm.  The peaches are still on the tart side, despite several days on the windowsill but I cut them up and froze them and they are perfect for smoothies.

I am loving my CSA experience.  I love eating fresh, healthy, local, in season foods.  The only negative is the drive.  Produce pick up  is 4:00p to 7:00p downtown in the university area, a 30 minute drive for me each way.  Once school starts I may see if my husband can do the pick up on his way home from work, at least some weeks.  It isn’t much out of his way but I prefer to go myself as I know what would be better swapped and he is not going to be comfortable picking out items.  They have a long table set up with each item in baskets and a label on the front of the basket telling you what it is and how many to take.  And some weeks you have to choose between two items, last week it was tomatillos or green beans.  My husband is not good with making decisions, even easy ones. But he can give it a try and we’ll see how it goes.

Either way I really want to continue with the CSA.  I need to continue to work on using the fresh stuff sooner rather than later but I am already adjusting to that.  One way has been to make more vegetable centered meals which I rather enjoy this hot time of year.  I am also learning how many meals I am likely to get out of the items and adjust my other grocery shopping accordingly.  I also have to admit I like the surprise each week of finding out what you are getting,  it really has been “Christmas in July!” 🙂

Half the Year Gone!

Since six months have gone by I decided it was time to look at my goals for the year and see how I am doing.
It took a few days after vacation to get back into our routine but now things are going well again. I am feeling better, sleeping well and realized my extreme crabbiness was simple PMS. (Possibly exacerbated by less than great eating choices over vacation.) I still made my doctor’s appointment for my regular annual exam in mid-August. I am going to start a list of questions to take with me so I don’t forget anything.
My goals for this year:
Write every day: Rather on hold until school starts up again but I am reading blogs and writing down a game plan of different things to incorporate or try to help make me a successful writer if not a published author.

Don’t be afraid to use things: I feel like I am doing okay with this one.

Play before work at least sometimes: I am actually doing pretty well with this one now that it is summer vacation. Pool time has been trumping making dinner at our normal time and keeping the meal really simple. Often I make some sort of cold side dish in the morning (cole slaw, macaroni salad etc) and have my husband grill something when he gets home. We have also been eating a lot of carrot sticks and cucumber slices, even easier than a salad!

Take 5 minutes everyday to just sit: I have been doing very well with this one. I usually wake up early and I go outside and water the plants and then just sit for a few minutes. I also spend time floating around the pool admiring the clouds or sit under the patio during thunderstorms. (The monsoons have come early this year. Seems like thunder chases us out of the pool every afternoon for awhile though the rain so far has been spotty.)

Healthy eating: This will always be a work in progress but we have been making progress. I rather gave up on the Farmer’s Market. I am not sure why I find it so hard to go but I recognize a lost cause when I see it. Instead I signed up for a CSA and my first pick up is this week. More on that in a later post. I also just bought a Nutribullet to make smoothies. So far I love it and am excited about trying lots of different combinations of fruits and veggies. More about that when I have had more time with it.

Exercise:  I resumed my yoga and jump roping  no problem after vacation.  Plus I swim most days and try and spend 10-15 minutes swimming back and forth with minimal stops.  Hopefully I will be able to see the difference in my arms by the end of the summer.

Purging:  I am still making small advances in downsizing my possessions.  Lately I have been  working on my wardrobe.  I browsed a few blogs searching for a what an almost 50, stay at home mom should be wearing.  The prevailing theme seemed to be mix and match with just a few pieces of good quality that fit well and you are supposed to pick a basic color palette.  While I am not ready to commit to having just 6 tops and 6 bottoms like one person,  I am working on purging those items I may wear but don’t really love.  (I read a good tip that said don’t go by if you wear something but ask would you buy that article of clothing today.)  I am being cognizant of the outfits I really like and that make me feel good and those I wear that make me feel meh or that I don’t really want to leave the house in.

I am also starting to look around my office for what I love and use and what I have simply because I have it.  On deck this week for purging is the laundry room.  I did the games and puzzles earlier this year but looking around I can see more miscellaneous items that can go.

Some random bits to update:

The new bedroom closet organization has grown on me and is working very well.

Relishing reading my Agatha Christies.  Love being able to browse my own shelves to find one that suits my mood.

I am really enjoying church and signed up again to donate a dessert for the men’s shelter in July.

I got a new hairstyle and I LOVE it!