Big Change

I started working for the first time in twelve years. Seems there should be a blog post in there somewhere but the truth is I am too tired to write coherent sentences. The problem isn’t the job itself and I am only working part-time, between 20 and 25 hours a week. All my work is done outside. (I walk around with a computer verifying addresses for the upcoming census.) The issue? The weather. Yes, the weather. The heat and the sun have been ferocious. When I get home from working I take a long, cool shower and begin rehydrating to set myself up for the next day. Then I have to get my son from school (back out in the heat, ugh) and attempt to stay awake at least until dark.

I already find myself looking at the calendar and wishing for the end. This job is supposed to last a max of eight weeks. I am really hoping we finish early. I think about quitting as there is no end in sight for the heat, but I am not a quitter.

Instead I am working hard on staying in the moment, focusing on one day at a time. Anything is bearable for one day. Despite the forecast I can always hope for at least some clouds tomorrow. I am probably one of the few people wishing for a cloudy day! Please, feel free to send your clouds my way, they will be appreciated.

A rainbow in the clouds would be a nice bonus.

The Week in Review 5/9/2018

Something I accomplished: I cleaned up my office.  I started with just wanting to declutter the shelves a bit and ended up doing a lot more. I threw away two bags of garbage, 2 bags of recycle and have one box of donate/sell stuff. Now when I walk into the room I smile.

Something I changed:  So maybe this is a little weird but I changed my deodorant and I love my new one so much.  It is not supposed to leave those yellow stains on white shirts plus it seems to just work better.  Kind of a big deal here in the desert heat. Speaking of which…

Summer is here: The heat seemed to roar in overnight, poof 100° days.  The good news is I had my first swim of the season over the weekend.  The water felt wonderful.  The bad news is allergy season is still at its peak and I woke the next day with bloodshot, weepy crusty eyes.  Not good.

A fun project: The end of school is fast approaching so I wanted to make some little notes for my son’s lunch to count down the last 10 days. Found some cute numbers to print out and color and put them on summer scrapbooking paper.


Paint Chip Poetry: I felt like writing a bad poem this week so here it is. (I am re-reading “If You Want to Write” by Brenda Ueland so blame her.)  I chose three yellow and one orange (for the heat) and one green (because it is still spring).  Paint chip words are in italics.

My zest for life was wilting

under the

habanero hot blazing sun

at 8:00 a.m. no less.

Summer had settled in for good,

startling me with its ferocity.

I pick a spring of mint

for my morning iced tea

and retreat indoors

not emerging again until the

lightning and thunder

of the afternoon monsoons arrive –

three months hence.

And how was your week?


Freaky Friday

When last we left our intrepid heroine she was bravely surviving the Great Heat Wave and courageously conquering the Epic Computer Build of 2017. Let us back up in time, to Friday, the day before all the computer parts arrived.

I finally left the house despite the continuing heat wave. I had no choice, I had three images to be taken at Radiology Ltd.  Let me say I have never encountered anyone who works there that was less than pleasant, friendly and competent.  It is a very comfortable place to have images taken. And I scored a covered parking space.  You have no idea what a difference shade makes when you climb into a car sitting out in temperatures well over 100°. (Or maybe you do and you realize what a big deal this is!)

First up, the pelvic ultrasound.  I ignored the instructions to drink 40 ounces of water one hour before my appointment and thereby avoided the embarrassment of peeing all over myself and/or the technician.  Instead I drank my normal amount of morning water and then right before I left the house I peed, drank 8 ounces of water and then sipped a few more ounces on the drive to the appointment.  My bladder was full enough for imaging but not so full as to be painful.  And as soon as we were done the technician took me straight to the restroom without being asked.  Perfect!

Then she walked me over to have my hands x-rayed as I had time before my mammogram appointment. The hand x-rays took no time at all.  Then I was escorted to mammography where I had a bit of a wait.  Part of that was due to the scheduling and part due to the fact they were running a bit behind.  It happens. I had my book and access to a bathroom (yes, of course I needed to pee again) so the wait wasn’t bad.

And the technician was good. And the room was warm.  In the past I have had some very painful mammograms.  My breasts are very dense so sometimes they feel the need to really crank down on the machine.  This one did not do that for which I am very thankful.

And I walked out the door less than two hours later thinking, gee that wasn’t bad at all!

Those flower seeds I planted in February are somehow surviving the heat!

But wait…the day got even better.  After the imaging I had arranged to drop my car off at Jack Furrier up the street from my house.  For months and months (okay, more than a year) I have had a shimmy in the steering wheel between 50-55 mph.  I diagnosed the wheels needed balancing and maybe I was missing a wheel weight. When I went to pick the car up I was told the problem was actually a leaking valve stem in the left front tire.  Now I knew the tire had developed a slow leak and we kept putting air in it but I had kind of forgotten that. Well, they fixed the valve stem, re-inflated the tire and that solved the shimmy problem. AND THEY DIDN’T CHARGE ME FOR IT!  Not a dime.  Thank you Jack Furrier.

My cantaloup plants are hanging in there.

This is the larger of two teeny cantaloups. I am not giving up hope just yet.









So a day I had been dreading turned out to be not only not so bad, but kind of good. Life is funny like that.



Let’s Talk Sports

Now that I am thinking about it I have a pretty varied range of interests. Some of the things I love to do include read, hike, camp, needlework, bowl, bake and watch sports.

Over the years the sports and teams I follow have changed. In high school I was a huge Baltimore Oriole fan. When I was stationed at Offutt AFB, Ne in the mid- 80’s I followed the Washington Redskins. For awhile I watched NASCAR, rooting for Joe Gibbs racing.  I have a tendency to pick my teams sometimes by geography but mostly by good role models.  I like athletes who are making millions of dollars to exhibit a good work ethic, a sense of responsibility to the community and excellent sportsmanship.  Cal Ripken Jr. was all about the work ethic, Jack Kent Cooke was an excellent owner and Joe Gibbs (a coach for the Redskins before retiring to run his NASCAR team) is hardworking and open about his christian faith.

These days I am a football and basketball fan. We have season tickets to University of Arizona Wildcat football games this year.  It is only six games so not too big a commitment. It is more of a geographic choice but I do like the atmosphere at college games.






For my pro teams it has been hard to find good role models lately.  Nothing worse that a team that has players who should be in jail (or have been in jail) for assault in any form, drugs, drunk driving etc. For now I  follow the Denver Broncos because I am a Peyton Manning fan.  In my opinion Peyton Manning is one of the best role models in football these days.  It is amazing what a person who has raw talent and an astounding work ethic can accomplish in one short athletic career. Not to mention what a giving, unselfish person he is.  His parents got everything right with him!

(As an aside I am  happy so many Denver fans were as upset as I was about Aqib Talib’s horrible behavior.  I agree with the one game suspension and wish the Bronco’s would throw in some postseason community service as well.)


miami heat


And then we get to basketball.  For many years I was a Phoenix Suns fan because of Steve Nash.  When we moved to Tucson I was excited to be able to go to a few games a season and watch all the rest on television.  For a few years I was a happy camper.  And when Nash retired I had no problem moving my allegiance to Goran Dragic, another excellent example of unselfish sportsmanship, hard work and community spirit.  His community spirit exists for both his native Slovenia and his  adopted U.S. home.   When the Sun’s front office made some really boneheaded moves  I was quite disgusted, not the least impressed with Bledsoe and totally on Dragic’s side when he decided to jump ship.  So now I am a Miami Heat fan.  I have asked Santa for tickets to the Heat vs Suns game in Phoenix in January.

It is not always easy to be a sports fan these days.  Favorite players change teams, teams move, teams go through “rebuilding” phases (ie. many losses in a season) and sometimes teams play really well and everyone jumps on their bandwagon.  We true fans hang in there and enjoy what we can.

I hope the players remember that the fans are the reasons they get to be paid for doing something they hopefully love.  I hope the players think about all those kids looking up to them before they go and do something stupid.  I hope the players remember to be grateful for being able to employ their wonderful gifts. I hope the Bronco’s win the Superbowl and the Heat win the NBA championship.  And I really hope Santa brings me those basketball tickets!


It is not only raining with thunder and wind but it is actually cool outside. COOL! It has not been cool since? April, maybe. This is huge, I am sitting in a pleasant breeze coming from outside. I am so happy I want to cry. I know it is fleeting, the sun and heat will be back tomorrow but right now, this moment, the weather is lovely, my heart is happy and a sense of relief washes over me.  I marvel at how I have survived another insanely hot summer in the desert!