December Delights 11 and 12

My own “candy cane” bush.

I am afraid the crazy busy is turning into just plain crazy. I long for a jammie day. I am still enjoying my morning walks with the dog and finding a few moments to color my picture….but the rest of the day? Yikes!


An accurate depiction of an Arizona snowman (from Winterhaven)

December 11th

Last night we went to look at the lights of Winterhaven.  Winterhaven is a neighborhood here in Tucson that goes all out decorating for the holiday.  They cordon the area off from traffic and everyone either walks or rides one of a few different trolleys that are allowed in the neighborhood between 6:00p and 10:00p.  The event is free but they collect food and money for the food bank which I think is great.

In years past we have gone on a Friday or Saturday night and it has always been crazy crowded.  This year we went on a Sunday, much better.  Still a good crowd around the more elaborate displays but you could walk down the street without being constantly jostled.

I thought about not going but now I am so glad I did.  It was a perfect night with the almost full moon and temps in the 50’s.  I wore just the right jacket so I wasn’t too warm or chilly.  We went out to dinner beforehand giving me a pleasant break from cooking and dishes.   It was so nice to have a post dinner leisurely stroll surrounded by lights and a lovely winter evening.  The outing did much to restore my flagging Christmas spirit.



This snowman is at least 30′ tall, almost to the top of the streetlight!

December 12th

Today I am grateful to spend the morning at home.  For an introvert I have been out and about waaaay more than I want to be.  But it can’t be helped and I am coping the best I can.


(Sorry the pictures aren’t better.  They look okay on my phone but I can’t seem to transfer them the right size or something and I am out of time!)

I is for Introvert

More than twenty years ago I took the meyers-briggs test. For some reason the result is one of those random bits my brain has retained through the years. I turned out to be an INTJ:  Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging.  Yup, that’s me, except for the introvert I thought.  I figured it was a mistake.

The introvert part surprised most of my friends too.  When I was is the military I was pretty social.  Alcohol helped (a lot).  I never thought again about being an introvert.  A few weeks ago I retook a version of the meyers-briggs test and I came up an INFJ. What?  Now the Thinking/Feeling aspect was close to fifty-fifty, but the Introvert was like 75%.  Hmmm.

I googled introvert characteristics.  All twenty-three were me!!

And then the penny dropped.  I am an introvert.  Duh! That explains so much about my choices, actions and reactions over the years.  So many things make sense now.

It has been a relief to realize I am not some sort of hermit or recluse wannabe.  Or maybe I am.  I am simply wired to not just enjoy solitude but need solitude.  Quietness has always been my friend. Sometimes I wonder if I am the last person in the world who can drive alone in the car without the radio on.

Inability to make small talk, hating large gatherings, feeling exhausted after the Guild meetings are just a few examples of my introvertedness.  All those family gatherings in my childhood where I took a book and found a quiet corner?  Ahhh.

So now that the fact that I am an introvert has penetrated to my conscious brain what does this mean?  How can I use this new found knowledge to improve my life?  Um.  I think “T” time has been a good start.  It has been a bit hit or miss these last weeks, maybe now I will keep it higher on the priority list.  Maybe when I am worried that my head is going to explode (thank you menopause) I can simply retreat to my office or bedroom and close the door.  Perhaps, after an over filled weekend I can do a retreat on Monday.  Ensure I spend quiet time alone working on one of my many projects. As much time as I need.

I know I will stop apologizing for wanting peace and quiet because it is not a want but a need. And my needs are important too.

What do you do to support your needs as an introvert?  Sometimes I wonder just how much I can retreat from the world and still remain a functioning part of my family and society. As with much of my life happiness seems to be about finding the right balance.  Right now I am going to go sit quietly for a few minutes and enjoy a spot of peace and quiet.  I hope you have a great Monday!!