Photo Friday

Another new blog feature!  This one designed to help with my be happier aspirations. I love to take photos and I am going to use the blog to make sure I get out and look for photo opportunities, learn more about my camera and try new techniques.
Enough words, onto the photos!


My lemons from this season aren’t even ripe yet (see the green on the lemon at the top) but I am already getting buds and baby lemons. This is not good, there is sure to be a freeze sometime in the next 4 to 5 weeks.  Also I can’t prune or fertilize now. The crazy heat is responsible I am sure.
Look at all those buds. Crazy!

I am sure one day I will look back and think, really?  My inaugural Photo Friday post was of a lemon?

Change of Season


It was a relief to flip the calendar to March. With 16 days 80° or warmer it is nice to see the word Spring on the calendar. Every time I looked at February I thought I was on the wrong month since it felt more like April!


I walked the dog this morning about 9:30.  It was warm enough not to wear a jacket and a light layer of cloud cover kept the sun from feeling too harsh.


Lots of bird song and buzzing bees in the air.


The trees are still bare but that meant I could see this bird (right in the center).



Turns out it is really hard to get a picture of a bee but can you see the two blurs?

Not too many flowers out yet but I found a few.




Love these little daisy like flowers right next to the walkway to the school.


The blossoms on the lemon tree smell wonderful.



I did my winter pruning of the rose bush in January and it has leafed out wonderfully, I even have a few buds.  Rose bushes aren’t supposed to do well here in pots but I keep it in the shade during the summer afternoons and just let it get a bit of early morning sun during the worst of the heat.



I have had this chrysanthemum for four years now!  I keep it in the shade all summer and somehow it survives the heat.



It is too wonderful having a bit of year around green in the neighborhood.  I wonder how much water these bushes use?



I think they kind of look like hershey kisses.