Welcome Spring

As luck would have it my son’s spring break actually falls over the first day of spring. Yeah! While the rest of the world looks to go to someplace warm for spring break I typically look for one last taste of winter before resigning myself to the summer heat of the desert. Through the wonders of technology here is a green paint chip poem to celebrate the First Day of Spring while I am off in Santa Fe! (The paint chip words are bolded.)

Spring 2019

I sip a glass of iced tea garnished

with a sprig of mint.

It is the first day of spring

and fittingly the first really pleasant day of the year.

Delightfully warm and sunshiny,

I consider my options.

The arboretum?

No leaves on the trees yet so that is a no.

A walk on the beach to search for sea glass?

Hmm, too windy.

There was no sense dealing with the 

prickly bramble patch without fruit to show 

for all the scratches gained.

A slog along the river bank to see the newly green ferns?

But it would be so muddy with the recent snowmelt.

Ahh,  I know just the thing.

I take a blanket out to my own backyard and lay in the sun near the clover patch.  I look for a four leaf clover until I find one.

How lucky for me to spend this glorious first day of Spring

in my own backyard.

The Week in Review 5/9/2018

Something I accomplished: I cleaned up my office.  I started with just wanting to declutter the shelves a bit and ended up doing a lot more. I threw away two bags of garbage, 2 bags of recycle and have one box of donate/sell stuff. Now when I walk into the room I smile.

Something I changed:  So maybe this is a little weird but I changed my deodorant and I love my new one so much.  It is not supposed to leave those yellow stains on white shirts plus it seems to just work better.  Kind of a big deal here in the desert heat. Speaking of which…

Summer is here: The heat seemed to roar in overnight, poof 100° days.  The good news is I had my first swim of the season over the weekend.  The water felt wonderful.  The bad news is allergy season is still at its peak and I woke the next day with bloodshot, weepy crusty eyes.  Not good.

A fun project: The end of school is fast approaching so I wanted to make some little notes for my son’s lunch to count down the last 10 days. Found some cute numbers to print out and color and put them on summer scrapbooking paper.


Paint Chip Poetry: I felt like writing a bad poem this week so here it is. (I am re-reading “If You Want to Write” by Brenda Ueland so blame her.)  I chose three yellow and one orange (for the heat) and one green (because it is still spring).  Paint chip words are in italics.

My zest for life was wilting

under the

habanero hot blazing sun

at 8:00 a.m. no less.

Summer had settled in for good,

startling me with its ferocity.

I pick a spring of mint

for my morning iced tea

and retreat indoors

not emerging again until the

lightning and thunder

of the afternoon monsoons arrive –

three months hence.

And how was your week?


The Week in Review 4/18/2018

Labor of love: Sometimes I like to color pictures to put in my son’s lunch and was trying to think of something fun to color now that we are getting near the end of the school year (only 25 lunches left to make, yeah!).  Duh, he is into all things Minecraft so I printed out a few pictures I found on-line.  Above is the picture of a “creeper”.  I believe he is bad but my son said I did a good job adding the squares and making it look “real”.

Something making me unhappy: Menopausal hormonal craziness aka MHC. I think it should be an official disease with an acronym.  My body has gone haywire and getting anything accomplished seems monumental, even writing this blog.  I have a strong desire to do absolutely nothing.

My favorite time of day:  The gloaming which means twilight or dusk.  I first learned the word gloaming from a Joyce Carol Oates short story.  I like to watch the color change on the mountains to the north from my swing or from my office window facing south (not having a good westerly view of any sort).  I do miss those long lingering twilights up north in July. Sigh.

 Taken a few minutes after sunset.

Something that made me happy:  (Well, as happy as one can get with MHC.) We cleaned up the backyard and rearranged the furniture and potted plants.  We do this every year in the hope of finding some magical combination that makes the area more appealing.  This year I feel a flicker of hope we may have hit the nail on the head.  I ate breakfast out there Monday morning and lunch on Tuesday and it all felt rather continental.

Paint Chip Poetry:  As part of my self imposed MHC therapy I chose 3 blue chips for sadness, one red chip for craziness and one yellow chip as a ray of hope.  (Paint chip words are in italics.)

The blues surround my heart

reflected by the lapis lazuli of an afternoon sky

And yet

As I drink lemonade in the shade of the old barn

I feel my blues drifting up

to become part of the indigo glow of the evening sky.


And how was your week?

The Week in Review 3/14/18

Waiting -Dr’s appointment:  My left shoulder has been bothering me for a few weeks now and I finally went to see my doctor.  She is thinking rotator cuff and I went to get x-rays the same day.  (She wanted to do an MRI but insurance dictates that I get an x-ray first.) Should get word in a day or two what the x-rays show and she already gave me a referral to orthopedics. So now I just wait. And try not to use my left arm in ways that cause pain!

The wait is over – about school:  Last year we started to be very unhappy with my son’s school and this year the feeling has increased.  We have been looking for different options for quite some time now and in January we finally found a private school we really liked and applied. I have no experience with private schools.  When I was growing up you went to the school you were assigned to. Period. This school has a hard cap of 28 kids total to be admitted for fifth grade (two classes of only 14 each!). Fifth grade is where the school starts so all the slots are available.  I don’t know how many applicants they have but a committee makes the decision sometime in March. No specific date and the wait is starting to wear on me a bit.   I feel like I am holding my breath and getting ready to pass out but I can’t take that breath yet.  Two more weeks.  You guys need to write some distracting posts for me.  And maybe say a little prayer?  Thank you!

UPDATE:  My son got in!  Found out late Tuesday night.  Whew, so happy to take a deep breath.

Something I changed:  I decided to jump the gun a bit with spring because frankly my front door “winter” wreath looks pretty silly when it is 80° outside and having a snowman on the mantle was comical. So I swapped out my seasonal decorations a little early.  I constantly have to look for a happy medium to live by as the weather doesn’t match the calendar as far as the seasons go, at least what I think of as “normal” seasons.


Paint Chip Poetry:  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I picked out five green paint chips (words in italics).

Everyone has their own version of the Garden of Eden:

For my Grandmother a trip to the Emerald Isle                                                                                                                 sipping a pint in a low ceilinged pub in front of a peat fire.

My Uncle- sitting behind left field in Fenway Park                                                                                 glove at the ready for a long, high fly ball.

For my sister trapped in the wrong era                                                                                                            a ring of vintage turquoise large enough to choke a baby.

For myself an alpine forest backing up to a mountain cabin                                                                    near a crystal clear snow melt lake.


Something I noticed:  My lemon blossoms smell just like honeysuckle, delightful!



So how was your week?

The Week in Review 2/7/18

(Above is a lizard I found clinging to the vacuum hose in our pool.  The water is pretty cold right now and after I took his picture I fished him out.)

About four inches long, it took him awhile to warm up and go on his way.

Something I am reading:  Actually I finished “The Baker’s Secret” by Stephen Kiernan. I loved this book and hated to see it end. I would love to read about what happens next and a prequel of what happened before, would have made a good trilogy I think.  If you liked “The Nightingale” or “All the Light We Cannot See” you will like this book too!

Something that brought me joy:  The Eagles beating the Patriots, Nick Foles catching a TD pass and the Eagles Defense finally shutting Chris Collinsworth up about all of Brady’s past exploits.

The weather:  Apparently we are not having much in the way of  winter monsoon rains this year which is a bad thing. But less flowers means less pollen and that is good for my allergies.

Something I accomplished: I cleaned off the top of the computer desk.  This desk is used by my husband and son but I have a direct view of it from the kitchen and the clutter was driving me nuts.

Paint Chip Poetry: (It’s a real thing. I got it for Christmas.)  The six words I pulled are in italics.

                          In the mountain town folks drank champagne from antique rose colored glasses and feted the survival of another winter.   A small girl sat on the cliff’s edge playing with her sand dollar and dreamt of the ocean in summer while overhead a starship sped by unaware of  any season at all.

I enjoyed writing the poem though I don’t see myself becoming a poet.  Not enough imagination I fear.  But it will be fun to do this once in awhile.

How was your week?