it only took me months and months…..

Our master bath needs a makeover but it is not going to happen anytime soon. It is all white, that is the way it was when we bought the house 5 years ago. I have tried to add color through bits of nautical themed decor but honestly I don’t pay much attention to the bathroom. I go in, do what I need to and get out. The alcove where the toilet is still needed a pop of color. So I made a collage a few months ago. I took a canvas art board covered it with blue tissue paper and then layered on blue pictures I cut out of magazines. It was actually rather fun and relaxing. I took my time and after a few weeks I finished it. And then I needed to find a frame. I kept looking at Goodwill over the course of months, yes, months. I never did find one. Today I saw there were frames on sale at Michael’s and I made the trek, spent $7 and voila….



I took it at a bit of an angle to avoid the flash.

It feels good to finally finish and I have to say I love my homemade artwork.  Certainly not perfect but it is unique and was inexpensive and fun to do.  And now there is one less totally white wall in my bathroom.