I is for Introvert

More than twenty years ago I took the meyers-briggs test. For some reason the result is one of those random bits my brain has retained through the years. I turned out to be an INTJ:  Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging.  Yup, that’s me, except for the introvert I thought.  I figured it was a mistake.

The introvert part surprised most of my friends too.  When I was is the military I was pretty social.  Alcohol helped (a lot).  I never thought again about being an introvert.  A few weeks ago I retook a version of the meyers-briggs test and I came up an INFJ. What?  Now the Thinking/Feeling aspect was close to fifty-fifty, but the Introvert was like 75%.  Hmmm.

I googled introvert characteristics.  All twenty-three were me!!

And then the penny dropped.  I am an introvert.  Duh! That explains so much about my choices, actions and reactions over the years.  So many things make sense now.

It has been a relief to realize I am not some sort of hermit or recluse wannabe.  Or maybe I am.  I am simply wired to not just enjoy solitude but need solitude.  Quietness has always been my friend. Sometimes I wonder if I am the last person in the world who can drive alone in the car without the radio on.

Inability to make small talk, hating large gatherings, feeling exhausted after the Guild meetings are just a few examples of my introvertedness.  All those family gatherings in my childhood where I took a book and found a quiet corner?  Ahhh.

So now that the fact that I am an introvert has penetrated to my conscious brain what does this mean?  How can I use this new found knowledge to improve my life?  Um.  I think “T” time has been a good start.  It has been a bit hit or miss these last weeks, maybe now I will keep it higher on the priority list.  Maybe when I am worried that my head is going to explode (thank you menopause) I can simply retreat to my office or bedroom and close the door.  Perhaps, after an over filled weekend I can do a retreat on Monday.  Ensure I spend quiet time alone working on one of my many projects. As much time as I need.

I know I will stop apologizing for wanting peace and quiet because it is not a want but a need. And my needs are important too.

What do you do to support your needs as an introvert?  Sometimes I wonder just how much I can retreat from the world and still remain a functioning part of my family and society. As with much of my life happiness seems to be about finding the right balance.  Right now I am going to go sit quietly for a few minutes and enjoy a spot of peace and quiet.  I hope you have a great Monday!!


And All Was Merry and Bright


How to light a fireplace when it is 80 degrees.


I am joyfully spending most of this week at home, holed up wrapping and baking and decorating. Last week? We had frustrating Friday, melt down Saturday and Bah Humbug Sunday. Who knew Monday would bring peace and contentment? Actually, I did.

So the plan was to have most of the holiday shopping done last week. I accomplished that. Whew. But it wasn’t without it’s hiccups. On Friday I had the smart idea to stop at one shopping area with three stores I needed to visit: toy store, dollar store and pet store. Bonus because it was right on the way to the base and commissary shopping. So efficient!  But then I had to go back twice, first because I forgot a bag at the dollar store and the second time to return the scooter I had way overpaid for.  So much for efficiency.

Saturday involved putting up the outside decorations and lights.  Enough said. By the time we got done it was dark, we were tired  and it was too late to start the red cabbage meant for dinner and “A Christmas Story” night.  So I made the executive decision that chinese food would also be perfect with the movie and tasked my husband with dinner.

By Sunday I was tired of all the totes in the house and trying to figure out how to decorate.  Last year’s decorating made me very happy.  I was pleased with where everything went.  I read the brilliant idea of putting decorations away by room so that is what I did.  Only this past summer we rearranged rooms and furniture so I needed a new plan.  I can’t seem to get things just right this year.  For now I am going with the “good enough” method.  I am really happy with the kitchen and family room and that is where we spend most of our time anyway.  And the living room will be fine once we put up the artificial family tree this weekend.  At least that is what I am telling myself. (Santa’s live tree will go up in the family room Christmas week.)



Decorating is all about the lights this year.


Now the totes are back in the garage, the over-priced scooter ordered online for $45 less (with the bonus of having fewer days I need to keep it hidden!) and the dining room has been turned into gift wrapping central.  The house smells of gingerbread baked this morning, laundry is tumbling in the dryer and I just got back from taking the dog on a long winter’s walk (okay sunny and 80 degrees not exactly wintry but the forecast says that is about to change.  Yippee!).  I am reveling in my solitude and Christmas preparations.  Make sure to find some peace for yourself in the coming days, please.


My snow in the desert!  originally I only had 3 large snowflakes hanging down but I didn’t love it.  After browsing Pinterest I realized more would be better!



New Floors and a New Season

The new flooring with a border in the kitchen.


Living room near front door.


So you can see all the colors in the floor, plus my autumnal toes!


A quick blog post to cover a couple of topics. As I suspected life has been crazy busy. Now that the flooring is done (and looks fabulous!) I am playing catch up with chores while trying to get the house put back to rights. On top of that we have lots of fun activities going on right now. So while the floor was finished Friday we didn’t get much done over the weekend because of bowling, baseball and pumpkin picking.  So here is what else has been going on:


Search for Solitude

I am a persons who needs her alone time.  The last three weeks (and next week as well) have given me little opportunity for quiet time to call my own.  Without  solitude my batteries don’t get recharged.  I am feeling very stressed. So much to do it feels like there is not time to simply sit and breathe.  My insomnia has kicked in with a vengeance.  At least now I am smart enough to recognize the signs but my options for a cure have been limited of late.  I need to hold on for another week.  I have a multitude of things that have to be done, that can’t be pushed off.  But next week at this time I will be camping in the mountains, near a lake, where it will truly be fall. Crisp air, changing leaves, the smell of woodsmoke. It will be worth all the work I have to do beforehand.



Now that the flooring is done, the furniture back in place and everything has been cleaned it is time to start carting all the books back downstairs.  Seeing all those books stacked in the hallway gave me pause though. I decided to do one more book purge, this time using the KonMari method.  When I read the book “the life changing magic of tidying up” I knew there was no way I would ever cart all those books into one place.  And yet, pretty much all my books are now in one area!  With everything going on I knew I couldn’t do the whole bunch at once so I divvied them up into categories:  cookbooks, Library of America, International Collector’s Library, holiday books etc.  I am trying to do one category a day, at a time when I can really focus on the task at hand.  I am being thoughtful about my choices.  I am thinking about who I am now, letting go of past dreams and setting future goals.  I’ll let you know how this turns out.


Taste of Autumn

I have been able to turn the a/c off for now!  I wore jeans one day.  We have had rain, small hail and cloudy days.  The relief from the heat is so welcome.  Too bad it isn’t going to last.

Inside my house it is starting to look like autumn.  I have put red and orange leaves up everywhere; the irony that I put up leaves while elsewhere they are falling! I have autumn scents in the wax warmers and am eating apples everyday. I bought pumpkin everything at Trader Joe’s and while it is still too warm to drink hot tea at least my iced tea is in a fall themed glass.


Loving my leaf glass

And I have begun making more autumn- ish meals.  One night we had cranberried pork chops , glazed acorn squash and yams.  Saturday I am throwing an autumn beef stew into the crock pot for after the football game.  Of course after sitting under the broiling sun for four hours with temps in the 90s we may not want a hot meal, but dammit after football in October that is what you are supposed to eat!  I told my husband we will just have to crank the a/c back up.

After school today we are putting up the outside Halloween decorations. There is a lovely breeze blowing outside along with some clouds blowing around helping to add to the autumn feel.  This weekend I have a U of A football game to look forward to and my son’s 8th birthday.  But right now I have more books to sort and shelve.

Happy Fall Y’all!

These lights are actually orange and I love how they look with the leaf garland.  My favorite “autumn spot” in the house.