Christmas Movies

I didn’t intend to write a post about Christmas movies, for the most part I watch the standard fare, “Elf”, “Love, Actually”, “Christmas in Connecticut” etc.  But I did think about two perhaps less well known films I love and thought I would share just in case you are looking for something “new” to watch.

“The Preacher’s Wife” is from 1996  with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston and directed by Penny Marshall.  This is a remake of “The Bishop’s Wife” with Cary Grant and Loretta Young.  Of course I love the original (Cary Grant!!) but I love the remake just as much.  Dare I say, maybe even a tad more?  The story is the same, but the movie is not. You could watch the two movies back to back and not be bored with the same plot. The remake is funnier and of course there is some nice singing with Whitney Houston.  Lionel Ritchie even makes an appearance and Gregory Hines does a good job as the greedy guy.  This movie will make you laugh a little and feel good. And let’s be honest, Denzel is pretty easy on the eyes!

The second movie is “The Man Who Saved Christmas” from 2002.  This stars  Jason Alexander (George from ‘Seinfeld’) and is set during World War I. The story is based on a real person and a “true story”.  I suspect there is a kernel of truth but I think much of the story has been “Hollywood-ized”.  That being said I still  loved seeing how Americans lived during the early 1900’s.   This is not your typical fluffy Christmas fare.  It takes place during WWI so it is not all sunshine and roses and that is what I like about it, it is real. Just like real life there are highs and lows in the movie. It is good to remember all the sacrifices that were made in the very early part of the 20th century so that we can enjoy our freedom today.  This is a made for tv movie that I have on DVD. You can buy it at Amazon or check with your local library, they may have a copy for lending!