2018 Aspirations: November

(December 3rd) Here is a summary of November.  I am sure I should go back and edit but I am not going to.  I am too tired and Christmas is coming and there is so much to do.  How do you even have time to read this blog?  Aren’t you busy, busy, busy too?  Anyway, without further ado…

November 9th:  So remember my spontaneous trip to Mesa to buy a typewriter?  That was triggered by a severe bout of insomnia.  After several short sleep nights I was feeling pretty miserable and I found myself awake at 1:00a feeling a frantic need for sleep. Not very helpful and I started crying.  I felt like I was at the end of my rope.  I did get back to sleep eventually but in the morning I decided I needed to do something different.  Something a little crazy and something just for me.  So I went to Mesa and bought a typewriter.  And what do you know, I felt better and I slept great that night.

November 14th:  I am so happy with this cool weather.  I am sleeping better again but still feel tired.  And I am weepy at random times about odd things.  The clutter in the house is driving me a bit nuts and the lack of energy is killing me.  I badly want to give the house the good cleaning it needs but just don’t have the oomph needed.  Instead I try and do small tasks here and there.  Today I cleared out and rearranged the glass/mug cupboard.  A small thing that took 10 minutes but brings me a lot of joy seeing how I open that cupboard multiple times a day!

November 19th:  Insomnia is back.  I can’t get to sleep and hot flashes wake me up early.  Also getting leg/foot cramps again.  I was caught off guard with how bad I feel.  Seems the key to my goals of “Be Happier” and “Be Healthier” is sleep.  And right now there is not much I can do to improve that.

November 21st:  Well my period started without much fanfare and then got crazy heavy for 24 hours.  So heavy it kind of scared me.  Luckily I spent most of the day at home doing food prep for Thanksgiving and some ibuprofen relieved my backache and cramps.  Happy to go to bed early though.

November 27th:  I can’t believe it is almost the end of the month.  I survived my period and now am oscillating between euphoria and exhaustion.  Yikes!  

I realized I haven’t mention my “frozen shoulder” in awhile.  I am still doing my home physical therapy and I am not having any pain.  I still don’t have the full range of motion back but it is increasing.  I am hoping I only need to do the exercises another month or two. (Ha!  I can hope all I want but truly I have no idea how much longer it will take.)

November 29th:  It is almost the end of the month!  How did that happen? Since things are going to get crazy busy I thought maybe I should just finish the log today.  I am feeling uber tired but not quite sure why.  I am sleeping okay, not great, but good enough.  But I have a backache and my breasts are ballooning which makes no sense as I just had my period!  Part of me thinks it would be great to get another period soon and then probably be done for the year.  All this uncertainty about how I am going to feel and what I am going to be coping with on any given day is maddening.

On a postive note despite just eating and not thinking about it my weight is holding steady between 144 and 145.  What does this signify for the future? No idea, if you know, can you tell me?

So how to sum up November?  I haven’t gone completely off the deep end but I suspect I am close!

Three Things

Blue painters tape, a countdown to Christmas activity calendar and a Singer typewriter.  What do these three things have in common?  Absolutely nothing except this blog post.

Blue Painters Tape:  A little tip from me to you, keep a roll in your kitchen junk drawer.  I use it for two main things, labeling containers going in the freezer and putting up decorations.  No sticky residue on plastic lids, easy to write on with a Sharpie and  no damage to walls or decorations.  See that turkey above?  Blue tape making him fly on the mantle. I love this stuff!

Advent Countdown Activity Book:  Actually I am not sure what to call it but I saw it at Target and thought it looked fun but I knew my eleven year old would never bother with it.  Then I looked at all the coloring and I thought, who loves to color? Me!  So I bought it for myself.  It will provide a little pocket of peace each day during the hectic holiday preparations.


Singer Typewriter:  Early this year I got it into my head that I wanted a little manual typewriter.  Do I need a typewriter?  No.  But I wanted one.  I kept picturing myself sitting outside at my little table under the umbrella typing letters and making notes for some sort of writing work in process.   Last week I took a spontaneous two hour drive to the Mesa Typewriter Exchange and bought this little beauty.

IMG_8281It was sold under the Singer name (sewing machines) but was really made by Royal.

It was actually a pretty crazy thing to do and I was lucky Bill had any for sale, he mostly does repair work.  I had four options though and tried them all out.  This one felt the best and was a cool color.  Double bonus, it was the cheapest of them (pretty rare as I usually pick the most expensive) and came with a smashingly smart case (pictured behind the typewriter above) stamped “Made In Holland”.  My first Dutch item!