Flash Fiction: Sugar Report

When I write my Carrot Ranch 99 word flash fiction entries my first draft is usually a little over on word count. I have found it is typically easier to edit down then to try and add. But this week I ended spot on 99 words and decided not to mess with it!

Valentine’s Day at School

“So, how was school today?” I ask as my son bounces around in the back seat.  “Good,” he says, which is his typical response.

“Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?”  “Well, in advisory we got Hershey Kisses and in Latin Mr. C gave us donuts. Oh and Mrs. P handed out Smarties.”  “Oh, really? “What about lunch, anything special?” “We got ice cream sandwiches, the Neapolitan kind.”  “Great,” I replied with a sigh, regretting the chocolate cake I had baked for dessert. 

“So what’s for snack?” my son asked, oblivious to the impact of his sugar report.

My son did get a few treats at school on Valentine’s Day, a brownie and two mini candy bars are the ones he told me about. I suppose it is best if I don’t know if there was more.