May Madness: Minstrelsy

I knew at some point this month I wanted to use my paint chip poetry to write an “M” poem. So I went through my paint chips and found a handful of ‘m’ words and got to composing. And then I realized neither paint chip nor poetry were very ‘m’ like. The thesaurus to the rescue! Minstrelsy can be a synonym for poetry. The day is saved!

(Paint chip words are bolded.)


I stare out the window.
I long for something.
I tell myself it is good to be still.
I breath deep.
I look for a mystical connection to the brewing monsoon storm.

I miss living in four seasons,
each flower in their turn:
morning glory's, marigolds, chrysanthemums, mistletoe.
I am out of rhythm with the world.
With myself.

I hear the rumble of thunder,
smell the rain,
feel the warmth of the sun's rays peeking out from behind the clouds.
I look for the rainbow.
Not today.
Not yet.
But soon.

(The day is lost! Why does my preview/published post look nothing like the formatting on my draft screen? I don’t want paragraphs, it is a poem, I want lines! I switch from paragraph to verse but now there would need to be a lot of scrolling? Ah, I had to retype everything because when I was in paragraph mode I added spaces to make lines without making new paragraphs. The day is again saved! And I learned something helpful. Double score!)