December Delights #5

Today’s post is about gratitude for the cold and the warmth. We have had a delightful cold snap here in the desert this past week or so. I am loving the crisp air and early darkness. We only turn the furnace on if it is cold and cloudy, as the house warms up just fine from the sun. So the house stays in the 60’s but my bedroom, office and kitchen are all on the south side and the sun makes it feel warmer.

The last few days I have been appreciating how the cold has allowed me to enjoy all the things that bring warmth! (A rare and fleeting occurrence indeed.)

  • Flannel sheets
  • Homemade tomato soup
  • Sweaters and fleeces
  • Afghans and throws
  • Sitting in the sunshine streaming in my office window
  • Mugs of hot tea in all sorts of yummy flavors
  • New super soft knit jammies, gray with little red birds
  • Our small electric heater for mornings in the bathroom (the other reason we don’t have to turn on the furnace!)


Happy flannel 🙂

I hope you find something equally delightful this “cold” December Monday!