Catch Up

I feel like I have left some parts of my life un-updated of late. So, just in case you were wondering:

I had my last post-surgery check-up seven weeks after my hysterectomy. The doctor had predicted four to six weeks for the internal healing to complete. So she was a little surprised (but not alarmed) that my internal stitches had not dissolved yet. No big deal, everything looked fine, I just needed to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for two more weeks. To be honest I felt perfectly well and wasn’t sure I had still been avoiding heavy lifting! But, everything is good.

I have opted to hold off on hormone replacement therapy for now. While I am 100% positive the hysterectomy was the right choice, now I am not sure I need HRT. No hot flashes, sleeping well and the hormonal roller coaster has been reduced to the kiddie version. Not sure if that is the St. John’s Wort or just my body changing on it’s own. So for now I just wait and see what happens.

I am making progress with weight loss, yeah! I am down to 140 pounds. The intermittent fasting works. I don’t have a hard and fast routine but take it day by day. Most days I only eat one or two meals. I wait until I am really hungry and don’t worry about what time it is. I have found that ignoring the first hunger pangs and drinking some water or tea is pretty easy and effective.

I think the other key to success is I try and eat what I really want. The cravings have ended. And surprisingly I don’t want junk food so much. I often eat salads or omelettes or a simple meal (say grilled pork chop, baked yam and veg). I don’t worry about carbs or sugar but I do try and eat whole, real food. And when I do want something sweet I keep homemade brownies and cookies in the freezer. I am hoping to lose about two more pounds but I am not stressing over it, I trust it will happen in time.

I mentioned I was working for the Census Bureau here. And I mentioned how hot it was. And then it got humid. And I found myself walking 15k steps one morning in triple digit heat. And the next day? Not so much. So I had to quit. I felt bad but I was not the first to quit that week because of the weather. They were sorry to lose me and said I was one of their better workers.

What I did learn was that I rather enjoyed working part-time and I am currently pursuing some other options.

I think that covers all the big stuff! Have a great week!

Small Victories

The word for the week is capable.  That is how I am feeling these days, accomplishing all sorts of non-routine tasks.

#1 The pile for Goodwill was getting quite large, especially after the room swap so I finally threw it all in the trunk of my car and dropped it off!

Filled trunk for Goodwill
Filled trunk for Goodwill

#2 I went 4 days without checking Facebook and then I very deliberately checked.  Apparently it was a “simple” matter of mindfulness and breaking a habit. I am no longer checking FB every time I get on the computer.

#3 I reached my goal weight window. I like to be in a 5 pound window for my weight and for the last few months I have been 1 to 2 pounds over it. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but I am more worried about the “it’s 2 pounds now and then 4 pounds” etc never ending gradual climb. So the time to nip it in the bud is now. I would like to blame the weight gain on my thyroid but I know I  have been doing way too much snacking.
I opted to try something new. I ate the same breakfast and lunch everyday.  I didn’t want to have to think about food so much.  I also planned a morning and afternoon snack that I only ate if needed.  I frequently skipped the morning snack.
I had some hiccups with lunch the first few days as I ended up eating lunch out three days in a row which is a very rare occurrence.  But I made sensible choices and on Sunday morning I had just edged into my weight window.   I am giving the same diet another go this week to try and get more towards the middle of my weight window.
I don’t think what I ate was overly important, you just have to find something that you know you can stick with and isn’t too unhealthy. In case you are curious though:

B- one fried egg, one sausage patty and one grapefruit
Morning snack – greek yogurt
L- 1/2 can tuna in olive oil mashed up with 1/2 an avocado and 1 chopped tomato, sometimes I also ate a banana or some cherries if I was still hungry
Afternoon snack- homemade smoothie

Dinner I just kept sensible, lots of veggies and lean meat/poultry.  I tried to make sure I kept well hydrated and avoided milk and ice cream and wheat which I believe I have developed a sensitivity to since my thyroid problems began. And of course I skipped most of  the junk food (still, a few dark chocolate covered almonds snuck into my mouth somehow).

#4 While Powell’s bought a fair number of my Library of America books I still had one small boxful that I couldn’t quite bring myself to donate but wasn’t sure how to try and sell them.  I now have a plan!  In October I am going to post a few of my son’s more valuable outgrown toys on Craigslist and I will post the books at the same time.  It is worth a try and then I can use the money for Christmas.

#5 Most of the time I donate my purged clothes to Goodwill.  For my son’s clothes I sort out the items still in good shape and take to Once Upon A Child, a kids used clothing store.  Sadly they do not have one here in Tucson but there are several in the Phoenix area so once or twice a year we make the trip. (We usually combine it with seeing a basketball or baseball game.)  This works well for his clothes and some of the toys.  For instance, this trip I got $65 credit and bought $80 worth of stuff.  My son got everything he needs for school/winter and I only paid $15.  That makes me happy! (Would have almost broke even but we splurged on a new $12 tie.)

#6  I started work on my needlework Haunted House in January with hopes of finishing it before Halloween.  And I did, two months early no less!


#7  When my new lampshade arrived in the mail I realized it wasn’t going to work.  It was the perfect size and I loved the plaid but it was more like an over sized chandelier shade and the part that fits over the socket for the bulb was too small (I looked it up and I believe this is called an Uno Fitter).  I was really bummed and then wondered if I could just remove the Uno Fitter.  I tried tin snips and  the blade off a hacksaw to no avail.  About to give up I decided to go to Ace Hardware and see if they had a solution.  I love my local Ace, they truly are helpful as well as friendly.  Thirty seconds later, voila, the uno fitter is gone, no charge.  Thank you Ace Hardware!

Love the plaid!

The problem piece now removed.

See how perfectly it fits?


So there you have it, a whole lot of productive happiness here in the desert!