Big Change

I started working for the first time in twelve years. Seems there should be a blog post in there somewhere but the truth is I am too tired to write coherent sentences. The problem isn’t the job itself and I am only working part-time, between 20 and 25 hours a week. All my work is done outside. (I walk around with a computer verifying addresses for the upcoming census.) The issue? The weather. Yes, the weather. The heat and the sun have been ferocious. When I get home from working I take a long, cool shower and begin rehydrating to set myself up for the next day. Then I have to get my son from school (back out in the heat, ugh) and attempt to stay awake at least until dark.

I already find myself looking at the calendar and wishing for the end. This job is supposed to last a max of eight weeks. I am really hoping we finish early. I think about quitting as there is no end in sight for the heat, but I am not a quitter.

Instead I am working hard on staying in the moment, focusing on one day at a time. Anything is bearable for one day. Despite the forecast I can always hope for at least some clouds tomorrow. I am probably one of the few people wishing for a cloudy day! Please, feel free to send your clouds my way, they will be appreciated.

A rainbow in the clouds would be a nice bonus.

May Madness: Messed Up

I have been toying with the idea of going back to work. I hesitate because I know what big changes it would mean for the entire family. I saw the Census Bureau was hiring for temporary, mostly part-time jobs later this year. I decided this could be a good opportunity to test out working without a big commitment.

So I went on-line and filled out the application. It gave me the choice of doing so in English or Spanish for the regular application and if I wanted to apply for a supervisory position it had to be in English. I filled out both parts (in English) and attached my paperwork to get my five point veteran preference. They are doing the hiring this summer so I don’t expect to hear anything for awhile.

I decided to give the family a heads up and announced at dinner that I had applied for a job. My son had twelve thousand questions and finally I said, “I don’t even know if I will get hired. I don’t speak Spanish.” Wait. What? Do I really think that? I wasn’t sure. So I did some cogitating on the subject.

Thinking on the supervisory side, all things being equal if another applicant speaks English and Spanish I would hirer them. But then I had another thought. Does this mean some of the people being hired on the non-supervisory side only speak Spanish?

I tried to imagine myself moving to say, France and applying for a government job there without speaking French… nope, can’t imagine it.

Call me crazy but I think if you are applying for a job with the United States government one of your languages should be English. Which leads me to wonder why the application is available in Spanish. All other aspects being equal could someone who only speaks Spanish be hired over someone who only speaks English?

Truthfully I am not all that worried about it. They hire me or they don’t. But the fact that I am even thinking about this is messed up.

Til tomorrow…